$13.7 million: Atlas VPN adds up the impact of the top 10 most successful blockchain scams

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A caller study finds that fake concern scams person netted the astir funds among each the types of progressive blockchain scams.


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If you person been swindled by a blockchain con, the astir apt culprit is simply a fake concern scam, according to an investigation by Atlas VPN. The apical 10 astir palmy presently progressive blockchain scams person collected $13.7 cardinal truthful far, the study found.

CryptoMixer.com, a fake Bitcoin tumbler, is the biggest known progressive blockchain scam successful presumption of funds collected. This scam has collected 167 payments adding up to $2.5 million. 

The InternationalGlobalPay.com scam has earned $2.3 cardinal and the 3rd astir palmy con is occupied by malware linked to a fake wallet app. This lure outgo radical a full of $1.9 million.

The investigation recovered that fake concern scams person attracted the astir funds among each the progressive scams. This class has collected implicit $8 million,  which is 60% of the full magnitude of wealth mislaid to the apical 10 scams.

The implicit database looks similar this:

  1. Cryptomixer.com
  2. InternationalGlobalPay.com
  3. Malware successful the signifier of a fake wallet app
  4. ExpertDreamTrade.com
  5. FXExchangeHub.com
  6. Malware linked to Electrum scam
  7. InstawalletPay.com
  8. AllbrightFinancialFX.com
  9. TradersAccolate.com
  10. Finexgen.com

Atlas VPN based this study connected information from ScamAlert. This work tracks 81,398 scams astatine scam-alert.io.

BitcoinAbuse tracks recently reported addresses utilized by hackers and scammers. There are 100 addresses each from a azygous time connected the archetypal of 2,316 pages of fishy addresses. The tract states that determination person been 194 reports successful the past day, 1,244 reports successful the past week and 4,325 reports successful the past month. The website relies connected volunteers to study these atrocious actors to "help others spot they are not alone." One FAQ states that "Many radical are getting the nonstop aforesaid spam emails and they are each phoney, hopefully by sharing this accusation less radical volition autumn for these scams."

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Risk is inherent successful each fiscal investments, and cryptocurrencies person each the risks of a caller exertion level arsenic well. Robinhood describes the galore risks this way: "Trading successful cryptocurrencies comes with important risks, including volatile marketplace terms swings oregon flash crashes, marketplace manipulation, and cybersecurity risks. In addition, cryptocurrency markets and exchanges are not regulated with the aforesaid controls oregon lawsuit protections disposable successful equity, option, futures, oregon overseas speech investing."

As a station connected National Law Review explains, "even morganatic cryptocurrencies similar Bitcoin and Ethereum are often utilized for unlawful ends." That is 1 crushed the IRS and governments astir the satellite person started to put much rules successful spot for cryptocurrency to bounds fraud and abuse.

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