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Coronavirus Dutch PM tells nation not to shake hands

Confidence in the views of experts is of crucial importance to overcoming coronavirus, King Willem-Alexander said in a televised speech to the nation on Friday evening. Holland News
‘We should be proud of the expertise at the RIVM, the health boards, and all the other institutions and experts who are showing us the way on the basis of scientific research and experience,’ the king said in the speech, which was recorded on Friday afternoon.

We must trust in the experts, says king in a speech to the nation

‘They are under a lot of pressure but it is important that we continue to trust them and do what they say. They have one aim and that is to make sure that together we get through this crisis and the risks for vulnerable people remain as small as possible.’ Holland Medical News
The king praised everyone else working in essential services to keep the country moving, the people working in logistics, in supermarkets, in cleaning, IT, education, childcare, public transport and the police
The heart of Dutch society, he said, will keep on beating.

He also took the step of directly addressing children. ‘I understand how you feel,’ the king said. ‘At first, it is quite exciting to be off school, but that stops pretty quickly. You can’t go to school. No football, no ballet lessons. Birthday parties that get canceled. It’s hard.’
Parents too, he said, now find themselves at home with the entire family, with few opportunities to go out. ‘It is asking a lot of all of us,’ the king said. Holland Political News
‘Luckily, there is a lot that we can do,’ the king said. ‘We know who in our direct environment needs help. A lot of people have realized this – they keep an eye on others and help where they can. We can’t stop the coronavirus, but we can stop the virus of loneliness.’ Holland Distribution Service

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