Amazon's Best Deals on Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Summer

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By Amy Sheridan 3:51 PM PDT, July 20, 2021

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Amazon Memorial Day 2021 Ray-Ban Sale
Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Summer isn't adjacent fractional over and if you're looking for caller sunglasses, you don't privation to miss these deals connected Ray-Bans connected Amazon! Right now, you can snag immense discounts connected Ray-Ban designer sunglasses -- immoderate for much than $75 off!

The eyewear brand launched successful the 1930s and has go a summertime staple accessory for influencers and celebrities alike. Having a brace of Ray-Ban sunnies successful the premix is cardinal for a stylish summertime play and close now, you tin adjacent prime up a brace of Ray-Ban's Meteor Sunglasses for $112. Bonus: Amazon Prime wardrobe shoppers can effort prime shades for escaped for seven days to marque definite they're the close fit. 

Plus, you tin present shop small businesses connected Amazon. Downloading the Amazon app volition bring the deals straight to your smartphone. If you're an Amazon Prime member, beryllium definite to motion into your relationship for entree to escaped two-day shipping connected prime items. And if you're not a member, sign up for an Amazon Prime Membership 30-day escaped trial truthful you tin articulation successful connected immoderate of the biggest discounts extracurricular of vacation buying connected Black Friday and Cyber Monday from the retail giant.

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Shop ET Style's Picks from Amazon's Best Deals connected Ray-Ban Sunglasses: 

Ray Ban Predator 2 Sunglasses


The Ray Ban Predator 2 sunglasses are the enactment movie prima instrumentality connected the accepted Rectangle Sunglasses design. They come with greenish lenses to assistance trim glare successful assorted airy conditions.

$150 (REGULARLY $194)

Ray-Ban Rb4368n Blaze Meteor Square Sunglasses


These Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses are disposable successful a assortment of antithetic colors and prints. These Sunglasses diagnostic UV extortion and are crafted with a nylon frame.


Ray-Ban Rb3449 Aviator Sunglasses


These elegant frameless shades are conscionable what you request to get excited astir summer. 

$146 (REGULARLY $186)

Ray-Ban Rb3119m Olympian I Deluxe Oval Sunglasses


Rock these Ray-Ban Olympian I Deluxe Oval Sunglasses this outpouring and summer! 

$172 (REGULARLY $215)



These Ray Ban sunnies are 1 of the astir iconic sunglasses successful the satellite that look large connected conscionable astir immoderate look shape. Ray Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses were primitively designed for U.S. aviators successful 1937. Aviator Classic sunglasses person a timeless style.


Ray-Ban Rb3647n Double Bridge Round Sunglasses


Switch up your benignant with these Ray-Ban Double Bridge Round Sunglasses. Going for a retro look? These Round Sunglasses are the cleanable accessory and they're disposable successful 20 different colors.

$172 (REGULARLY $215)

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses


You'll look similar you're surviving the summertime beingness each twelvemonth long wearing these Ray-Ban sunglasses.


New Wayfairer Polarized Sunglasses


Go backmost to wherever it each began with Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic polarized sunglasses. Using the aforesaid iconic signifier arsenic the classic Wayfarer, these sunglasses connection an updated mentation that includes a smaller framework and somewhat softer oculus shape. 

$144 (REGULARLY $165)

Rb2180 Round Sunglasses


These Italian-made sunglasses are a indispensable for immoderate outpouring interruption roadworthy trip. Check retired the 15 different colors of these circular sunglasses if you don't similar the brownish color.

$158 (REGULARLY $175)

Ray-Ban Rb4175 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses


These Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classical and a deed for everyone. They travel successful 4 antithetic colors and styles, too!

$161 (REGULARLY $204)



Made for the spotlight, these Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses are acceptable to onslaught a pose.

$161 (REGULARLY $189)

Ray-Ban Rb4371 Round Sunglasses


Expect a batch of compliments connected these fab Ray-Ban glasses astatine a large value. These Round Sunglasses are besides disposable successful a Navy and Brown color.

$138 (REGULARLY $215)

Ray-Ban Oval Sunglasses


These Ray Ban Square Sunglasses are iconic successful this tortoise polarized brownish print. Available successful 6 different colors.

$155 (REGULARLY $172)

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses


These classical aviators are an Amazon #1 Best Seller. The rounded frames are a large signifier for angular faces. 

$161 (REGULARLY $178)

Justin Rectangular Sunglasses


Express yourself with on-trend Ray-Ban Polarized Sunglasses, polarized lenses and caller looks. They're cleanable for immoderate sensation and acceptable for 365 days of non-stop style.

$153 (REGULARLY $167)

Ray-Ban Classic Gradient Aviator Sunglasses


See intelligibly connected a cloudy time with the Ray-Ban Classic Gradient Aviator Sunglasses. The iconic Aviator model has amber-tinted gradient lenses to trim glare with style. 

$176 (REGULARLY $180)

Ray-Ban Rb3447 Metal Round Sunglasses


These Metal Round Ray-Ban Sunglasses are a retro classic. 

$161 (REGULARLY $184)

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Flat Lenses Sunglasses


These Hexagonal Flat Lenses are cleanable for your outpouring look. 

$176 (REGULARLY $211)

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