Arizona Secretary Of State Requests Felony Criminal Investigation Into Trump Election Interference

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Arizona Sec. of State Katie Hobbs has requested a transgression probe into Trump and his allies for imaginable felony predetermination interference.

The Arizona Republic reported:

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs connected Wednesday asked Attorney General Mark Brnovich to unfastened a criminal investigation into imaginable efforts by erstwhile President Donald Trump and his allies to power Maricopa County supervisors arsenic the ballots were inactive being tallied.

Hobbs said immoderate of the communications “involve wide efforts to induce supervisors to garbage to comply with their duties,” which could interruption Arizona law. 


“The reporting besides includes firsthand statements from the victims of this imaginable crime,” Hobbs said. She cited astatine slightest 1 imaginable felony complaint nether Arizona law.

Trump Could Be Facing Criminal Charges In Multiple States For Election Interference

Trump is besides nether probe successful Georgia for his perchance amerciable efforts to unit Georgia officials to find votes for him and overturn the predetermination results.  Trump besides tried to bargain Michigan by pressuring section predetermination officials successful Wayne County. 

The Manhattan transgression probe into Trump and the Trump Organization has been getting the bulk of the attention, but Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and their allies could beryllium facing felony transgression charges successful 1 oregon much states of their efforts to effort to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.

As Trump creates fake Rose Gardens to clasp property conferences in, the instrumentality is closing successful connected him connected aggregate fronts. Trump’s perchance amerciable efforts to bargain the 2020 predetermination could beryllium coming backmost to haunt him.

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