Aussie boxing star's devastating TV interview

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Skye Nicolson has breached down successful heartbreaking scenes aft missing retired connected becoming Australia's archetypal pistillate boxing medallist since the 1988 Olympics.

Nicolson was up against Great Britain's Karriss Artingstall, and the judges voted the contention 3-2 the Brit's mode aft 3 tightly-contested rounds, leaving Nicolson successful tears.


Skye Nicolson of Australia reacts aft losing her quarter-final astatine Kokugikan Arena. (Getty)

The triumph means Artingstall precocious to the semi-finals of the women's featherweight division, with each of the last 4 fighters guaranteed an Olympic medal.

After claiming golden astatine the 2018 Commonwealth Games successful the Gold Coast, Nicolson was near crushed aft having her dreams of securing an Olympic medal delayed until the 2024 Paris Games.

Skye Nicolson crashes to the mat arsenic Artingstall is awarded the triumph successful the Tokyo Olympics (Getty)

"It's beauteous hard to enactment it into words close now," a crestfallen Nicolson said during a TV interview, wiping tears distant from her eyes arsenic she spoke.

"[Getting adjacent to a medal] means thing to me. I don't attraction astir that. I attraction astir what I cognize I'm susceptible of, and not achieving that is truly heartbreaking.

Skye Nicolson of Australia reacts aft losing her quarter-final astatine Kokugikan Arena. (Getty)

"I came present with 1 extremity and that was the golden medal and I genuinely believed that I was going to triumph it, truthful to spell retired hard is really, truly hard for me.

"It's decidedly not the end, but I'm going to instrumentality immoderate clip and spot what happens next.

"Sorry I didn't get the occupation done. Thank you everyone, the support's been perfectly unbelievable, my precise adjacent ellipse especially."

Aeji Im of South Korea exchanges punches with Skye Nicolson of Australia. (Getty)

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