Australian GP boss responds to fears for F1 race

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Australian Grand Prix Corporation brag Andrew Westacott says disappointment implicit the race's cancellation has been compounded by looming bumper crowds astatine different events.

Yet Westacott insisted that the race's aboriginal had not been plunged into uncertainty aft being called disconnected for a 2nd consecutive twelvemonth owed to COVID-19 restrictions.

Australian and Victorian question restrictions amid the ongoing pandemic, combined with debased vaccination rates, prompted the authoritative cancellation of some the F1 contention and the MotoGP lawsuit this year. They were scheduled for November 21 and October 24 respectively.

"It's very, precise disappointing but Formula One and MotoGP person to run successful the conditions that prevail successful each of the countries," Westacott told TODAY connected Wednesday.

"Hallmark events similar Singapore, Japan, Canada and Melbourne won't beryllium capable to spell up from a Formula One constituent of presumption this year. But successful Silverstone [for the British Grand Prix], you'll person 140,000 radical successful 2 weeks' clip and Austin, Texas volition big MotoGP and Formula One wrong a month.

"It varies connected a country-by-country ground and we've got to get it close truthful that we tin signifier these events successful 2022."

Lewis Hamilton drives his Mercedes during the astir caller F1 Australian Grand Prix, successful 2019. (NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Westacott denied that determination was immoderate uncertainty implicit the Australian Grand Prix's spot successful Formula One, oregon the aboriginal presumption of the MotoGP event. The Victorian Government revealed connected Tuesday that discussions were being held with F1 to big the contention successful April going forward, alternatively than it acting arsenic the play opener.

"We've had a 25, 26-year narration with Dorna Sports, who tally MotoGP, and the guys astatine Formula One," Westacott said.

"I've spoken to the CEOs of some organisations earlier successful the week. They're disappointed similar we are but we've got beardown relationships and partnerships. They cognize however professionally we tally events successful Victoria and Australia and I've got each assurance that we'll beryllium connected the calendar for some lawsuit successful 2022."

Westacott besides dismissed uncertainty astir the races continuing successful Victoria, arsenic opposed to different Australian states.

"They've ever circled for these big, large events," Westacott said.

"We're the lone metropolis successful the satellite with a Formula One lawsuit and a Grand Slam [tennis] lawsuit and we request to marque definite that successful 2022 that besides holds.

"There's ever a batch of cities circling and Formula One is introducing caller races each the time. I cognize there's caller races coming up successful Saudi Arabia and besides Miami aboriginal successful 2022. It's ever competitory successful the satellite of planetary motorsport."

Australian Grand Prix Corporation president Paul Little and Australian Grand Prix CEO Andrew Westacott. (Getty)

Westacott offered 1 connection of caution, saying that the premium motorsport events could not beryllium taken for granted.

"You tin ne'er instrumentality your oculus disconnected the shot and you can't instrumentality it for granted and determination are options available," helium said.

"We've got beardown partnerships and the dialog is beardown and I bash expect them to beryllium present astatine Albert Park and present astatine Phillip Island successful Victoria successful the aboriginal - but we've inactive got enactment to bash to marque definite that each the conditions [are met] and each the parties are capable to hold connected those conditions."

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