Barty Wimbledon 'catastrophe' slammed

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Tennis writers were bemoaning a scheduling "catastrophe" astatine Wimbledon aft Ash Barty got the leap connected her quarter-final opponent.

Aussie satellite No.1 Barty completed her fourth circular triumph against Barbora Krejcikova by 2.42pm astatine the All England Club connected Monday, playing connected Court One.

Her hostile was to beryllium the victor of Alja Tomljanovic vs Emma Raducanu, which proved to beryllium the Australian satellite No.75.

Yet Tomljanovic vs Raducanu was not scheduled adjacent connected Court One. They alternatively had to hold for the extremity of a men's five-setter, won by Felix Auger-Aliassime implicit Alexander Zverev, and did not commencement playing until astir 8pm section time. Their lucifer past went for 1 hr and 15 minutes, before Raducanu retired hurt, and was the past women's fourth-round clash to beryllium completed.

It was believed that the men's lucifer was fixed penchant by the tournament's section broadcaster, the BBC. Due to the scheduling logjam astir Middle Sunday and Manic Monday, Barty vs Tomljanovic volition beryllium played not earlier 4.30pm section clip connected Tuesday, meaning that the lower-ranked Aussie has had little than 24 hours betterment time.

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Ashleigh Barty celebrates successful her 4th circular lucifer against Barbora Krejcikova astatine Wimbledon. (Getty)

The Times tennis writer Stu Fraser referred to the substance arsenic a "scheduling catastrophe".

"Captain Hindsight here... but not definite it was the champion thought to docket a women's lucifer 3rd connected contiguous erstwhile the victor has to play the quarter-final tomorrow. Will astir apt beryllium astatine slightest different hr earlier Raducanu vs Tomljanovic starts," Fraser wrote connected Twitter during the Auger-Aliassime vs Zverev match.

"Seven of the 8 winners successful the women's singles gully are already through. Barty completed her lucifer astatine 2:42pm, perchance 5 to six hours earlier her hostile finishes. I'm definite TV scheduling volition beryllium cited but it's compromising fairness arsenic a result."

He aboriginal added: "Raducanu vs Tomljanovic is present connected BBC One. All precise good for the Beeb's ratings but not for the winner, who volition spell to furniture precocious contiguous and past instrumentality time to look Ashleigh Barty successful the quarter-finals."

Metro UK's George Bellshaw wrote: "Looking similar a shocker from Wimbledon scheduling Emma Raducanu's lucifer past connected Court 1."

Ajla Tomljanovic reacts successful her 4th circular lucifer against Emma Raducanu astatine Wimbledon. (Getty)

While British journalists were pursuing a ripping communicative successful Raducanu, the 18-year-old, satellite No.338 wildcard playing her 2nd WTA event, determination was besides disapproval from American tennis writers.

Christopher Clarey of The New York Times tweeted: "Clearly a tactical mistake to docket Raducanu & Tomljanovic for 3d connected No. 1 Court. FAA & Zverev into a 5th acceptable truthful won't commencement until 7.30pm oregon later. Women indispensable crook astir time & play quarterfinals. Barty, who volition play the winner, already successful the clubhouse for ages. Not right."

New York Times contributor Ben Rothenberg wrote: "Ash Barty finished her 4th circular lucifer astatine 2:42pm connected Court 1. The lucifer to find her hostile tomorrow, Raducanu-Tomljanovic, is yet to statesman connected Court 1, inactive waiting for this 5th acceptable of FAA-Zverev. Fairly baffling to enactment the men's lucifer betwixt those two.

"Very unusual not to frontload the women's matches much connected today's docket considering they each travel backmost to play their quarterfinals tomorrow."

Ajla Tomljanovic plays a backhand successful her 4th circular lucifer against Emma Raducanu astatine Wimbledon. (Getty)

Tomljanovic initially seemed unfazed by the scheduling issue, speaking aft prevailing against Raducanu.

"To play Ash successful the quarters - 2 Aussies, 1 volition for definite spell done to the semis - it's great," Tomljanovic said.

"I deliberation everyone backmost location is truly blessed and I'm thrilled to play Ash. I'm hoping that it volition beryllium a large match."

The lucifer volition beryllium Barty's archetypal Wimbledon quarter-final, portion Tomljanovic has made her deepest tally astatine a Grand Slam tournament. Tomljanovic was up against a British sensation successful Raducanu yet managed to support her absorption successful a 6-4 3-0 result.

"My dada and [boyfriend] Matteo [Berrettini] earlier the match, they were like, 'Look, we enactment to beryllium successful the 4th circular of a Slam and play connected Court One successful Wimbledon. No substance the assemblage being against you, it's going to beryllium a privilege to beryllium retired determination and conscionable consciousness the energy'," she said.

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