Between 'Zola' and 'Heaux Tales,' women are owning their sexuality right now

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(CNN)If you can't beryllium sexy successful the summertime, erstwhile the H-O-T arsenic hellhole tin you be?

Seriously. High temps, much tegument and plentifulness of cocktails with umbrellas.

    Count maine in. And aft surviving a pandemic, you had amended praise ANY assemblage you're surviving successful and designate it summer-ready.

      That's wherefore I americium each types of thrilled by the hot-girl summertime vigor close present arsenic women are owning their agency.

      The stars look aligned to groove to that, with Jazmine Sullivan conscionable picking up the BET Award for medium of the twelvemonth for her "Heaux Tales" (does the rubric unsocial not accidental it all?) and the epic "Thotyssey" movie "Zola" hitting theaters.

      Which leads maine into this week's what to watch:

      Three things to watch


      Taylour Paige stars arsenic  the rubric  quality  successful  "Zola."

      What happens erstwhile you get 2 strippers, a needy fellow and a unsafe pimp unneurotic for a roadworthy trip?

      All types of shenanigans -- and we are SO present for it.

      Based connected a viral 2015 Twitter thread, the film, directed by Janicza Bravo and starring Taylour Paige, Riley Keough and Nicholas Braun, is similar a buddy roadworthy travel connected ecstasy -- plentifulness of drama and a usher to the hoe crippled arsenic a bonus.

      If Paige seems cleanable arsenic Zola, convey Bravo, who told maine she recovered her and surreptitiously took photos of the young histrion astatine a java store aft earlier spotting Paige successful an advertisement for her VH1/BET drama, "Hit the Floor."

      Paige was not blessed astir the snaps.

      "She afloat squinted astatine maine similar I was a garbage idiosyncratic and the happening is that's okay, due to the fact that I was truly taking a photograph of you and not asking you to bash that," Bravo told Paige during our interview, to which Paige responded, "I was going done it, probably."

      "Zola" is successful theaters now.

      'Summer of Soul'

      "Summer of Soul" starts streaming connected  Hulu Friday.

      Questlove tin virtually bash it all.

      The drummer for The Roots, superstar DJ and adjunct teacher astatine New York University has directed his archetypal film, a documentary titled "Summer of Soul."

      The movie is billed arsenic "part euphony film, portion humanities grounds created astir an epic lawsuit that celebrated Black history, civilization and fashion."

      "Over the people of six weeks successful the summertime of 1969, conscionable 100 miles southbound of Woodstock, the Harlem Cultural Festival was filmed successful Mount Morris Park (now Marcus Garvey Park)," according to a quality merchandise for the film. "The footage was ne'er seen and mostly forgotten -- until now."

      Being educated portion you jam? Sign maine up!

      The doc starts streaming connected Hulu Friday.

      'September Mornings'

      Liniker arsenic  Cassandra (left) and Gustavo Coelho arsenic  Gersinho (right) are shown successful  a country   from "September Mornings."

      Soul vocalist and songwriter Liniker, a trailblazer for the trans assemblage successful her autochthonal Brazil, shines successful "September Mornings."

      I'm a sucker for philharmonic artists who tin besides act. Liniker's show arsenic Cassandra, a pistillate whose beingness takes a crook erstwhile a lad she ne'er knew she had turns up astatine her door, is stellar. She besides sings successful the series, truthful bonus!

      "September Mornings," besides known arsenic "Manhãs de Setembro," is presently streaming connected Amazon Prime.

      Two things to perceive to

      Lana Del Rey performs astatine  the Benicàssim International Music Festival successful  Benicàssim, Spain, July 20, 2019.

      Lana Del Rey's eighth workplace album, "Blue Banisters," is simply a follow-up to "Chemtrails Over the Country Club," which released successful March.

      It seems that the pandemic has artists retired present creating capable tunes that they tin merchandise much than 1 medium a year.

      Color maine not huffy astir it.

      Back successful April, Del Rey tweeted, "I'm penning my ain story. And nary 1 tin archer it but me."

      Let the storytelling statesman connected Sunday.

      The "Rebel Girls Go for the Gold" podcast streams connected  Audible.

      The Summer Olympics commencement July 23. In grant of the games, Audible is offering up an exclusive six-episode podcast series.

      "Rebel Girls Go for the Gold" is performed by Olympic bronze medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and "takes listeners connected a travel passim Olympics past -- from the archetypal pistillate marathon runner successful the precocious 1800s to a young BMX racer from Colombia readying to vie successful the upcoming Tokyo games."

      With each the speech about (the deficiency of) sex parity successful sports, I excavation shining a spotlight connected these astonishing athletes.

      The podcast is presently streaming.

      One happening to speech about

      Michael Gandolfini (right) stars arsenic  the young Tony Soprano successful  "The Many Saints of Newark."

      More prequels, please.

      I cognize Hollywood loves a bully sequel -- and aggregate ones astatine that -- but I crave root stories.

      So, convey you, David Chase for the forthcoming movie "The Many Saints of Newark," where we larn the communicative of a young Tony Soprano from "The Sopranos."

      I was obsessed with the HBO amusement and americium truthful looking guardant to this film. (Obligatory firm synergy disclosure: HBO and CNN are some portion of WarnerMedia.)

      Perfect casting. Plus, down each large quality is simply a past that helped him oregon her get there. Bada bing, bada boom.

      Something to sip on

      A representation    of Britney Spears looms implicit    supporters and the media extracurricular  a tribunal  proceeding  concerning the popular  singer's conservatorship astatine  the Stanley Mosk Courthouse successful  LA, June 23.

      Support for Britney Spears is increasing louder.

        As fantastic arsenic that is, I anticipation enactment continues erstwhile headlines are gone.

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