Biden Scorches In Scranton As He Nails Trump For Not Doing “A Single Damn Thing” On Infrastructure

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President Biden returned to his hometown of Scranton, PA wherever helium passionately spoke astir his Build Back Better program and called retired Trump for doing thing connected infrastructure.

Video of President Biden:

Biden says Trump didn't bash a azygous damn happening connected infrastructure for 4 years.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 20, 2021

The President said, “The past 4 years, you’d perceive each period is, you know, Infrastructure Month. Didn’t bash a azygous damn happening Nothing, I mean thing for 4 years.”

Biden Was At His Plain Talk Best In Scranton

People get excessively hung up connected the dollar magnitude successful the infrastructure bundle and hide astir however large of an accomplishment the transition of these 2 pieces of authorities volition be.

President Biden was right. For 4 years, the Trump medication talked and talked astir “Infrastructure Week,” but they ne'er did anything. The Trump ineptitude was truthful spectacular that it became a moving joke.

It doesn’t substance whether the topline fig is $1.5 trillion, $3.5 trillion. When these bills pass, it volition beryllium a historical infinitesimal successful America. Joe Biden is doing what nary president has been capable to bash successful decades. He is connected the verge of passing a large infrastructure measure that volition marque a quality successful American lives for decades to come.

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