Biden Torches Mitch McConnell For Taking Credit For Kentucky COVID Relief

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President Biden knew precisely however to needle his erstwhile Senate workfellow Mitch McConnell taking recognition for Kentucky COVID alleviation money.

Video of Biden:

President Biden calls retired hypocrite Mitch McConnell for bragging astir COVID alleviation for Kentucky that helium voted against.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 7, 2021

Transcript via The White House arsenic provided to PoliticusUSA:

Q    Mr. President, Mitch McConnell says you’re successful for a heck of a combat connected this one.

THE PRESIDENT:  Mitch McConnell loves our programs.  Did you spot what Mitch McConnel said?  He told maine helium wasn’t going to get a azygous ballot successful bid to let maine to get, with the assistance of everybody here, that $1.9 trillion taxation chopped — I mean, excuse me, programme to — for economical growth.

Look it up, man.  He’s bragging astir successful Kentucky: “It’s a large happening for Kentucky.  It’s getting $4 cardinal to assistance poor.”  It’s amazing.  Check retired Mitch McConnell.  You tin adjacent spot it connected TV.  

Mitch McConnell is acold from unsocial successful voting nary and past taking recognition backmost location for President Biden’s fashionable policies. House Republicans person been doing the aforesaid happening for months.

All of the Republicans voted nary connected COVID relief, but it is immensely popular, which is however the concern wherever Mitch McConnell is praising the authorities that helium voted against and tried to stop.

President Biden keeps a database of each of the Republicans who voted no, and astatine the precise apical is his aged person and raging hypocrite, Mitch McConnell.

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