'Bitter' Paine calls for over rate 'consistency'

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Australian Test skipper Tim Paine has admitted helium struggled to ticker parts of the World Test Championship Final, "dirty" that his broadside was denied the accidental to play successful the inaugural one-off lucifer owed to an implicit complaint offence.

Kane Williamson's New Zealand broadside were crowned Test champions aft beating India successful the last past month, but would person missed qualifying for the lucifer if Australia had not been docked points by lucifer referee David Boon for a dilatory implicit complaint during past year's Boxing Day Test.

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Australia was 1 of 3 teams, on with the West Indies and South Africa, to beryllium penalised for dilatory implicit rates during the archetypal WTC cycle, and Paine described it arsenic a "bitter pill to swallow".

"I didn't ticker excessively overmuch of it," helium said.

Paine wants officials to beryllium much accordant erstwhile policing Test teams for their implicit rates (Getty)

"I watched the past day. I turned it connected excited to ticker the archetypal day. I thought I was excited, and past got a spot soiled and didn't ticker it.

"I tuned successful for the past time and it was bloody exciting, it was large cricket to watch."

The 36-year-old urged umpires to person much consistency successful policing implicit rates moving forward, reiterating that helium was "bitterly disappointed" Australia missed retired connected the WTC Final.

"Unfortunately, we're the squad that I deliberation has borne the brunt of it for an implicit rate," helium said.

Kane Williamson's New Zealand squad were crowned the inaugural Test champions aft beating India successful the WTC Final past period (Getty)

"I deliberation there's been a batch of Test lucifer cricket successful the past 2 years wherever teams haven't bowled their overs and I'm not definite however galore teams mislaid points retired of it.

"I deliberation determination needs to beryllium a small spot much consistency astir it, fixed present that the prize is truthful large and a mates of overs tin outgo you 4 points.

"We were down connected our overs, and that's what it is. My happening is conscionable with the consistency. I haven't played successful excessively galore days wherever the afloat overs person been bowled, and to my cognition determination hasn't been different teams docked points.

"Yeah, it's a bitter pill to swallow erstwhile you're the lone squad that's been docked points and you spot it hap Test lucifer aft Test match, aft Test match."

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