Bombshell Documents Reveal Trump Illegally Tried To Use DOJ To Overturn The Election

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Trump illegally pressured DOJ officials to record a suit with the Supreme Court nullifying the predetermination and declaring a peculiar predetermination successful six states.

The House Oversight Committee obtained the documents and found, “Documents obtained by the Committee successful effect to this missive amusement that successful December 2020 and aboriginal January 2021, President Trump, his Chief of Staff, and extracurricular allies repeatedly enactment unit connected elder DOJ officials to situation the results of the statesmanlike predetermination and beforehand unsubstantiated allegations of elector fraud, with the evident extremity of keeping President Trump successful powerfulness contempt losing the 2020 election.”

Here is immoderate of what Trump did:

On December 29, 2020, President Trump’s White House Assistant emailed Mr. Rosen, Mr. Donoghue, and Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, attaching a draught ineligible little to record successful the Supreme Court. She wrote, “The President asked maine to nonstop the attached draught papers for your review,” and provided a telephone fig truthful they could interaction the President directly.

The draught 54-page ailment demanded that the Supreme Court “declare that the Electoral College votes cast” successful six states that President Trump mislaid “cannot beryllium counted,” and requested that the Court bid a “special election” for president successful those states.

Trump truly thought that helium could get the Supreme Court to nullify the predetermination and clasp a caller predetermination successful the six plaything states that helium lost. Trump didn’t privation a caller nationalist election. He conscionable wanted a caller predetermination successful places similar Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This is the level of corruption and criminality that Trump injected into the DOJ. It is what AG Merrick Garland indispensable cleanable up.

Trump’s DOJ officials are already staring down the tube astatine aggregate investigations into their surveillance of Democrats, and it conscionable got a full batch worse for Trump and the members of his medication who tried to overturn the election.

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