Britney Spears is 'feeling overwhelmed' so she took to painting

2 months ago 15
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The popular prima posted video Tuesday connected her verified Instagram relationship of her painting.

Britney Spears files to region   her begetter  arsenic  conservator of her estate

"As you guys cognize there's a batch of alteration going connected successful my beingness astatine the infinitesimal and contiguous I was feeling overwhelmed truthful I went to Michael's and got achromatic insubstantial and overgarment !!!" the caption connected the video read. "I wanted to spot colour and this is maine messing astir !!! Ok truthful I'm not a nonrecreational creator but I surely felt similar I was !!!"

    Spears said the coating was "an look of however I'm feeling astatine the infinitesimal ... rebellious... colorful...bright...bold evidently showing my existent colors."

      This week her recently hired lawyer filed a petition seeking to region her father, Jamie Spears, arsenic conservator implicit her estate.

      It was the latest determination successful the singer's effort to regain power implicit her beingness aft much than decennary agelong ineligible conservatorship implicit her career, assets and, she said successful a caller tribunal hearing, her body.

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