Business lessons from a NASA contractor: Exchange of ideas and follow-through are most important

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Good knowing and connection are cardinal to moving intimately with NASA and JPL, helping them get to Mars.

TechRepublic's Karen Roby spoke with Tom McCarthy, VP of concern improvement with Motiv Space Systems, astir his vocation successful engineering and however things helium has learned tin assistance others successful business. The pursuing is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Karen Roby: By commercialized you're an electrical engineer, Tom, and you've worked for galore years successful robotics and creating robots. And a batch of the enactment you've done has been successful conjunction with NASA. Just instrumentality a infinitesimal earlier we adjacent get into the nutrient of this, conscionable springiness america a mates of highlights of your career, and again, your enactment with NASA.

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Tom McCarthy: When I started my career, I started astatine the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. And worked connected processing machine systems and question power systems that would power small tiny robots that would research things similar small rovers connected an asteroid, oregon tiny rovers connected Mars. Eventually those things took disconnected into developments that would enactment for robotics for the larger rovers that you spot today.

And past aboriginal successful my career, worked with commercialized companies that make the robotic systems themselves with their partners, JPL and NASA, for each sorts of applications. So Mars, the moon, looking astatine different outer satellite explorations and that benignant of thing.

Karen Roby: One of the reasons we thought it would beryllium absorbing to speech to you contiguous is conscionable astir however immoderate of the acquisition you've had, and however that tin assistance others successful the backstage sector, with companies and moving with their employees. And getting them to enactment together, which is thing we're each ever looking to assistance each different enactment for communal goals.

Some of the tips that I was hoping you could spell implicit present with us, conscionable things that you've learned from moving with NASA and ways their engineering crews, however bash they enactment unneurotic to execute a greater goal?

Tom McCarthy: I deliberation what's truly almighty astir moving with the likes of NASA oregon JPL oregon immoderate of the different entities that enactment successful that exploration space, is that there's a wealthiness of talent, cognition and capableness there. And truthful being arsenic portion of a commercialized company, the astir important happening is that each spot has its ain strengths and their peculiar cultures that are important, depending connected wherever their absorption is. We bash a batch of enactment with JPL and NASA Goddard and things similar that.

For JPL, they've enactment a batch of vigor into Mars applications. And truthful processing a sensitivity to those environments and what matters and what's critical, to marque definite that you supply a bully solution and merchandise that's applicable to that situation is truly important. And past processing bully relationships with those radical determination truthful that there's a bully speech of ideas. And then, ultimately, truthful that erstwhile they're looking to effort to bash thing new, thing revolutionary, that there's conscionable a bully basis, a bully instauration of knowing and connection successful bid to execute those things.

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Karen Roby: So overmuch of it, Tom, arsenic we know, comes from the enactment and the code that is acceptable up from those who are astatine the apical and managing others. What person you recovered successful that realm?

Tom McCarthy: From the position I deliberation of NASA, I deliberation what I've seen, truthful conscionable observing, is that hazard is simply a large happening for them, making definite that they person a bully managed way to risk. They privation to beryllium successful. And past from the outside, we privation them to beryllium successful, due to the fact that that's bully business. So, being a portion of thing that is palmy is good.

"The quality to germinate has been critical. To effort to fig retired what are the tools and the situation that makes the unit comfy and allows you to enactment successful interaction with them. To marque definite that they bash person what they request successful bid to execute their job, marque definite enactment arrangements for them and to beryllium flexible." Tom McCarthy, VP of concern improvement with Motiv Space Systems

So again, promoting that speech of ideas, being responsive, making definite that we travel done connected definite commitments. And present connected capableness truthful that they consciousness comfy that they tin trust connected that, and that drives their hazard down. And that makes for a bully partnership. And I deliberation yet that flows to enactment connected some sides. That's erstwhile those are bully exchanges and bully moving relationships. But that takes time. You person to physique that, that doesn't travel overnight. It conscionable comes from tiny steps of enactment and engagement and conscionable follow-through.

Karen Roby: I deliberation 1 of the things, Tom, with, we've had truthful overmuch going connected successful our satellite of course. And conscionable feelings of uncertainty and when's this going to beryllium backmost to mean and, ohio my gosh, and things person been changing and radical moving from home, there's conscionable been a batch of changes and shifts here.

So erstwhile it comes to keeping employees progressive and productive, sometimes that tin beryllium a existent challenge. Really for maine the position of what you've seen from NASA and teams moving unneurotic and keeping radical involved, and past from your ain acquisition determination arsenic well.

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Tom McCarthy: I deliberation we each learned successful this twelvemonth positive that has been a large challenge. And truthful the quality to germinate has been critical. To effort to fig retired what are the tools and the situation that makes the unit comfy and allows you to enactment successful interaction with them. To marque definite that they bash person what they request successful bid to execute their job, marque definite enactment arrangements for them and to beryllium flexible.

And past conscionable to marque definite that you're listening too, to fig retired what is working, what isn't working. And I think, and we've seen a assortment of approaches from our customers, different partners and truthful forth. And I deliberation particularly for the customers, wherever they're big, possibly they person 5 to 10,000 radical there. Well, those are large facilities. They've had to bash a batch of distant activities. And truthful successful immoderate ways we've conscionable had to beryllium originative successful trying to find ways to enactment with them, too. Whether it's just, again, we're remote, oregon if determination are ways that we tin supply really thing to them arsenic a value. Because we're capable to person a controlled abstraction due to the fact that we're smaller, and we person a small much nonstop absorption implicit definite spaces.

That tin beryllium an vantage and it tin assistance them erstwhile we're successful challenging times. And truthful we've decidedly been capable to leverage those things truthful that we're, again, we're making definite that we person a bully follow-through with them connected immoderate of these things to support projects going. It's been tough. I mean, everybody has challenges. The proviso chains person been tough. Just the accidental to conscionable isn't there, truthful we bash things remote. Some things enactment truly well, immoderate things are ... they're not arsenic good, but you conscionable effort to refine and marque the champion of it. And I deliberation truthful far, I deliberation it's worked retired OK.

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Karen Roby: Excellent. And switching gears present earlier I fto you go, Tom. Again, you've had a truly absorbing vocation and worked on, I'm sure, a batch of large projects. If you had to say, if you tin say, what has been the astir breathtaking task oregon conscionable portion of enactment you've been progressive in?

Tom McCarthy: Well, that's a pugnacious one. I'll accidental this, the enactment that I've done has been a ground of changeless learning each the mode done my career. And the 1 happening I truly similar is really successful the relation that I transportation today, I person the accidental to spot a truly wide spectrum of what antithetic radical are doing. It's truly casual erstwhile you enactment for a NASA halfway oregon JPL, you get focused connected your peculiar project, and you hide that there's this astonishing manufacture astir you due to the fact that you're hyper-focused and you person large responsibilities.

What's bully is I get to popular my caput retired a small spot and conscionable with radical each crossed the industry. They're truly doing immoderate phenomenal things and truly breathtaking exertion improvement oregon caller ideas for exploring antithetic places. And I find that fascinating. So if it wasn't for the enactment that I did before, I wouldn't person been capable to yet bash that. And truthful for me, that's what's been the astir rewarding. It's conscionable the quality to truly admit crossed the manufacture what they're doing.

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