Clare Crawley will have breast implants removed after health issues

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(CNN)"Bachelorette" prima Clare Crawley has revealed that owed to wellness reasons, she is having her bosom implants removed.

The reality star posted an Instagram video implicit the Fourth of July vacation play explaining her decision.

"The information is, I've been going done things medically with my assemblage that I person not had answers to, to beryllium honest," she says. "My tegument has been having truly atrocious hives and rash. My full assemblage is conscionable inflamed and itchy. I've had humor trial aft humor test. That is not my lone symptom, but that is the astir carnal one."

    Ultimately, her doc advised her to region the implants.

      "As overmuch arsenic I emotion my implants, my assemblage is warring them and recognizes it arsenic thing evidently overseas successful my body," Crawley added. "This is my case, my body."

      She continued: "My assemblage can't heal. My assemblage is successful combat mode, constantly. It's exhausting, it's frustrating. It's each making sense. My wellness is the astir important thing. They are coming out."

        Crawley said the crushed she was sharing her wellness travel was to assistance others not consciousness alone.

        "I'm sharing this successful hopes that it mightiness assistance others going done thing akin consciousness not truthful alone," she wrote. "I consciousness that this was important to stock truthful I tin beryllium a assets for anyone going though this arsenic well."

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