'Consume nothing': Suns coach on contract 'pressure'

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Gold Coast Suns manager Stuart Dew has responded to questions astir his aboriginal with the nine arsenic AFL teams marque moves for the coming seasons.

Hawthorn announced their succession program for Alastair Clarkson to permission aft 2022 to marque mode for Sam Mitchell to instrumentality the caput manager relation from 2023.

Collingwood are besides searching for a caller caput coach aft Nathan Buckley stepped down this season.

Gold Coast Suns manager Stuart Dew (Getty)

Dew's declaration with the Suns is up astatine the extremity of adjacent season, but the manager said he's not allowing himself to deliberation excessively acold up oregon work into the speculation astir his future.

"If you deliberation astir (the coaching pressure), you astir apt get caught up successful it," Dew told SEN.

"The unit comes from the work to your players and nine due to the fact that if you work and sorb everything, you tin suffer way and successful each honestly, you tin get caught up and think, 'Why are they penning that'.

"If you devour thing successful a week, the clarity and headspace successful the occupation that you're paid to bash is different.

"You tin devour a batch – it's casual erstwhile the boys play good to leap connected (social media) erstwhile everyone is saying (good things), but erstwhile you don't (win) it's (bad) determination arsenic well.

"I was ne'er a large user (of media arsenic a player) and it's adjacent little now. You person to person the affirmative energy, everyone is looking astatine you. As leaders of a footy club, you request to sorb that."

Williams successful contention to beryllium adjacent Magpies coach

Dew is feeling the vigor trying to assistance the struggling Suns presently sitting connected the bottommost fractional of the ladder.

Under Dew, Gold Coast person finished second-last successful 2018, earned the woody spoon successful 2019 and finished 14th past year, arsenic they've focused connected recruiting and blooding young players.

In 2021 they beryllium 14th again, but past week achieved a immense milestone, defeating the reigning premiership-winners Richmond successful a stunning upset.

Suns manager Stuart Dew and players look connected (Getty)

Finals footy is not retired of the question for Gold Coast yet either, and Dew is relying connected results to bash each the talking connected his coaching ability.

"I've ne'er truly thought astir contracts," Dew said.

"I've thought if you're determination to bash what you request to do, past that volition instrumentality attraction of itself.

"We've won 5 games, if we triumph 3 much and get to eight, that fig whitethorn look bully but it's much astir the mode we play.

"We person a pugnacious tally coming up nary doubt, it's GWS adjacent and past the apical 3 teams."

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