Controversial call ends Olympic bid for US sprint star

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Banned sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson was not connected the Olympic roster released by USA Track and Field, a determination that means the American champion's affirmative trial for marijuana volition outgo her a accidental astatine moving connected the relay squad successful Tokyo, successful summation to her spot successful the 100-metre idiosyncratic race.

Richardson's affirmative trial nullified her triumph astatine Olympic trials successful Eugene, Oregon, past period and the spot that went with it successful Tokyo successful the 100. Her 30-day suspension volition extremity earlier the commencement of the relays connected August 5, which near unfastened the anticipation she could triumph a medal arsenic portion of the 4x100 relay team.

But her sanction was missing from the roster USATF sent out. The federation had 2 discretionary picks beyond the apical 4 finishers successful the 100-metre last astatine trials but chose not to connection a spot to the 21-year-old sprinter, who was expected to situation for Olympic gold.

Asked astir however Richardson was taking the news, her agent, Renaldo Nehemiah, responded: "We haven't spoken astir it astatine all. It was really not a taxable we focused on."

In a statement, USATF said it was "incredibly sympathetic toward Sha'Carri Richardson's extenuating circumstances" and "fully agrees" that planetary rules regarding marijuana should beryllium reevaluated.

"So portion our heartfelt knowing lies with Sha'Carri, we indispensable besides support fairness for each of the athletes who attempted to realise their dreams by securing a spot connected the US Olympic Track & Field Team," the connection read.

In this case, that meant offering the remaining relay spots to the sixth and seventh-place finishers, each of whom moved up successful the pecking bid aft Richardson's DQ. They are English Gardner and Aliea Hobbs.

Richardson tested affirmative for a chemic recovered successful marijuana aft her triumph connected June 19. She said the accent of her biologic mother's caller decease combined with the unit of preparing for trials led her to usage the drug.

"I was decidedly triggered and blinded by emotions, blinded by badness, and hurting, and hiding hurt," she said connected NBC's Today show. "I cognize I can't fell myself, truthful successful immoderate benignant of way, I was trying to fell my pain."

Over the weekend, she sent retired a brace of tweets: "All these cleanable radical that cognize however to unrecorded life, I'm gladsome I'm not 1 of them!" and "2022-2025 undefeated!"

EUGENE, OREGON - JUNE 19: Sha'Carri Richardson celebrates winning the Women's 100 Meter last connected time 2 of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials astatine Hayward Field connected June 19, 2021 successful Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) (Getty)

Shortly aft the 2012 Olympics, planetary regulators loosened restrictions connected marijuana use, expanding the threshold for a affirmative trial to a level designed to drawback athletes lone who were utilizing it successful the contiguous hours earlier competition. Potential bans were reduced from 2 years to arsenic small arsenic the 30-day suspension that Richardson is serving.

But wherever immoderate nonrecreational leagues, specified arsenic the NFL, NHL and NBA, person greatly reduced enforcement of marijuana rules, with the acknowledgement that the cause does not heighten performance, the Olympic satellite continues to trial for and punish usage successful immoderate circumstances. According to the US Anti-Doping Agency, successful summation to substances that trigger show enhancement, the banned database tin includes drugs that tin airs wellness risks to athletes oregon interruption the "spirit of sport."

It's a stance that has triggered a wide-ranging debate, mostly successful the realm of societal media but besides successful Washington. Last week, President Joe Biden said that portion helium was arrogant of the mode Richardson handled her ban, "the rules are the rules."

"Whether they should stay the rules is simply a antithetic issue, but the rules are the rules," Biden said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York tweeted retired a missive she and Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland sent to the leaders of some the US and satellite anti-doping agencies urging them to overturn the decision.

"Please onslaught a stroke for civilian liberties and civilian rights by reversing this people you are on," the missive said.

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