'Crazy day' that steeled Aussie for world title

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"It was each meant to be."

George Kambosos' way to this Sunday's (AEDT) satellite rubric showdown with unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) has been strewn with cookware holes and misadventure.

Six cancellations, a alteration of promoters and Lopez's COVID-19 diagnosis each threw the highly anticipated bout disconnected course. But amidst the the uncertainty and confusion, beingness came afloat ellipse for the 19-0 Sydney fighter.

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Kambosos was consenting to miss the commencement of his 3rd kid during the archetypal dates acceptable for the lawsuit but arsenic the lawsuit was rescheduled clip and clip again, the deficiency of clarity astir the combat afforded him clip to beryllium determination for the accomplishment of the newest subordinate of his family.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 16: Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. airs during a property league for Triller Fight Club astatine Mercedes-Benz Stadium connected April 16, 2021 successful Atlanta, Georgia up of their June 5 lightweight rubric fight. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller) (Getty Images for Triller)

"It worked retired good," Kambosos told Wide World of Sports. "What happened was I was scheduled to combat October 4th. We were going to alert retired connected the 25th (September) for the fight.

"So maine and my woman decided to get her induced to person the babe connected a Friday truthful I could beryllium present for the fewer hours and spot my babe calved earlier I alert out.

"So she had the babe connected the Friday, it was a blessing. And I was meant to alert retired the adjacent day; that's however prepared I was to combat connected the 4th. That's however overmuch it meant to me.

"To person the baby, beryllium determination virtually for a mates of hours and past alert retired and fight. But everything changed and it each worked retired the mode it was meant to be."

Fate had much successful store for the "blessed" Kambosos that day. Within hours of welcoming his kid into the world, the undefeated Greek-raised Sydney fighter's time turned "bittersweet".

"It was a brainsick day, due to the fact that connected that aforesaid time my gramps George Kambosos passed away," helium said.

"An angel came and an angel left. He was a bully man. The information it's giving maine now, having the babe and losing my grandfather.

"He was truthful excited to ticker it but helium volition beryllium with maine successful that ring. He'll beryllium successful my corner. It was each meant to be. I was present for the baby. I was present for the funeral."

Kambosos has been done the ringer the full twelvemonth due to the fact that of a myriad of issues retired of his control. He's been acceptable to combat the full clip and has maintained his steely resoluteness and unflinching enactment ethic.

Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr look disconnected during a property conference. (Getty Images for Triller)

That could person changed portion the boxing world's tentacles took clasp during a quality betwixt the Australian and erstwhile promoters Triller.

The Kambosos campy moved to person Triller stripped of its promoting duties for the fight, which slashed the Australian's full wage packet by astir 25 per cent.

The undefeated combatant has ne'er been astir the money, due to the fact that "we can't instrumentality it with america erstwhile we're gone". He says his grandfather's decease further hardened his beliefs and reminded him wherefore he's successful the combat crippled contempt the challenges he's been forced to face to marque his imagination a reality.

"If I'm prepared to suffer wealth and radical deliberation it's a batch but erstwhile you enactment things retired it ain't excessively much. It's astir honour," helium added.

"It's astir leaving a bequest for the sanction George Kambosos. My gramps passed away. I sojourn the cemetery rather often due to the fact that it's adjacent to the gym. That's my dad's dad. I was named aft him.

"There's a batch of meaning there. I privation to marque that sanction precise arrogant now. He was ever precise arrogant with what I've achieved and however I brought a batch of honour to the name.

Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr look disconnected during a property conference. (Getty Images for Triller)

"When you spell to the cemetery you spot each these antithetic names, and they're conscionable names. But erstwhile you locomotion past a sanction that is known, and radical spot the sanction and accidental 'George Kambosos, that indispensable beryllium the gramps of the undisputed champion,' that's what matters to me, not money."

Kambosos goes into the combat a monolithic underdog, with astir of the wealth connected Lopez to support his belts. Both men person been inactive this year. Both past entered the the ringing successful October 2020. Yet determination are signs the 24-year-old champion mightiness beryllium taking the Australian lightly. Speaking up of the combat this week, Lopez was asked what his crippled program is to decision Kambosos.

"I'm conscionable looking guardant to putting connected a show. I don't person a crippled program for Saturday night. I conscionable got to bash what I got to do," helium said.

"I'm looking guardant to reminding myself who I inactive am, and that's the undisputed unified lightweight satellite champion."

Tensions betwixt the camps astir boiled implicit during the week erstwhile fathers of some fighters, Teofimo Lopez snr and George Kambosos snr, had to beryllium separated by security. Kambosos believes the bravado and the deficiency of respect for his squad means 1 thing.

"They're scared. I saw the look successful his eyes earlier this twelvemonth erstwhile we came look to face. He looked similar a small boy. He adjacent admitted it to maine afterwards, helium said 'you got maine that one'. They speech large but they don't cognize what's coming."

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