Displaced in northeast Nigeria ‘knocking on door of starvation’: WFP

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Displaced families successful Nigeria’s northeast are “knocking connected the doorway of starvation”, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said connected Friday.

The alert follows years of insecurity linked to non-State equipped groups that have disrupted livelihoods and forced hundreds of thousands of radical to fly successful hunt of shelter. 

More than 1 cardinal children are already malnourished, according to WFP spokesperson Tomson Phiri. 


More than fractional a cardinal radical successful north-eastern #Nigeria look ration cuts unless urgent backing is secured. The cuts would travel conscionable arsenic terrible hunger reaches a five-year precocious successful the country.

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— WFP Canada (@WFP_Canada) October 15, 2021

He told journalists successful Geneva that the bureau whitethorn person to chopped rations to much than fractional a cardinal women, men and children successful northeastern Nigeria by the extremity of the month, unless astatine slightest $55 cardinal successful caller backing is found.  

“We are facing precise terrible levels of hunger that we person witnessed since, this is astir apt the highest that we are witnessing since the situation exploded successful 2016. Approximately 4.4 cardinal radical are facing acute nutrient insecurity in the conflict-affected states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.” 

Deciding who eats 

Mr. Phiri said that COVID-19 had pushed up nutrient prices and constricted nutrient supply, and that the fig of internally displaced people surpassed 2 cardinal successful September – reaching different grim milestone. 

Amidst the socio-economic fallout from COVID-19, precocious nutrient prices and constricted nutrient supply, WFP’s Regional Director for West Africa Chris Nikoi observed during a caller sojourn that “cutting rations means choosing who gets to devour and who goes to furniture hungry”.  

We are seeing backing for our life-saving humanitarian enactment adust up just astatine the clip erstwhile hunger is astatine its astir severe”, helium warned, reminding that WFP’s nutrient assistance is “a lifeline for millions whose lives person been upended by struggle and person astir thing to past on”.  

Feeding people in hunt of safety 

The fig of radical forced to fly their homes searching for information successful northeast Nigeria has been rising steadily. 

Cutting nutrient assistance volition beryllium a achy determination for humanitarians as it volition negatively impact children, women and men uprooted from their homes owed to continued violence” said Edward Kallon, UN Humanitarian Coordinator successful Nigeria, calling on partners to “step up” support successful effect to the increasing needs. 

Keep lifeline flowing 

For 5 years, WFP has been providing life-saving nutrient and nutrition assistance to the severely nutrient insecure, displaced families successful camps, and to susceptible radical surviving successful big communities. 

This year, relying connected the continued generosity of donor partners, WFP ramped up its effect to code rising nutrient insecurity and the interaction of COVID-19, targeting 1.9 cardinal displaced radical in the country.  

However, to prolong humanitarian operations successful northeast Nigeria until March 2022, WFP urgently needs $197 million. 

“We indispensable enactment present to prevention lives and debar disruptions to this lifeline”, Regional Director Nikoi said. 

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