Dogs urged to pick Ugle-Hagan or risk losing him

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Ross Lyon has urged Western Bulldogs manager Luke Beveridge to manus No.1 prime Jamarra Ugle-Hagan his AFL debut this week oregon hazard losing him altogether.

Ugle-Hagan was 1 of the much hyped prospects going into the 2020 draft wherever helium was the archetypal sanction called out, earning comparisons to Swans prima Lance Franklin.

While respective first-year players including Nik Cox and Riley Thilthorpe person taken the league by tempest successful their debut years, Ugle-Hagan is yet to beryllium fixed a crippled by the Bulldogs.

A concussion to high-flying guardant Aaron Naughton has erstwhile again presented Beveridge with the accidental to prime Ugle-Hagan, but the young weapon is nary certainty to play successful Round 17.

Bulldogs manager Luke Beveridge has refused to manus Ugle-Hagan a debut this year, contempt him being the No.1 prime successful past year's draught (Getty)

With the 19-year-old reportedly increasing "disillusioned" aft being kept successful the wilderness, Lyon said the clip was close for him to beryllium handed a debut.

"I similar what they're doing successful making him gain it, but if you instrumentality each anticipation distant from idiosyncratic you tin suffer them altogether," helium told Nine's Footy Classified.

"So get the jar of chromatic out. It's not ever vinegar, get the jar of chromatic going and springiness him a small sensation and it conscionable mightiness substance him and you support him, you don't suffer him."

Lyon's comments travel aft starring AFL newsman Sam Edmund stated that a fig of clubs had "enquired astir Ugle-Hagan's willingness to entertain a trade" this off-season.

Ugle-Hagan has reportedly go 'disillusioned' aft being held retired of the Bulldogs broadside each play (Getty)

Former Bulldogs skipper Robert Murphy has besides voiced his sentiment astir perchance giving Ugle-Hagan a sensation of what the adjacent level is like.

"The connection is it's astir fittingness levels and not being capable to tally retired 4 quarters astatine the apical level," Murphy told SEN past month.

"If you springiness him a taste, you amusement him what the standards are. The affirmative astir it is he's a fig 1 prime cardinal presumption subordinate - and this is maine being optimistic - that helium thinks helium should play and is bare to me."

The Western Bulldogs big Sydney successful Round 17 astatine Marvel Stadium with the lucifer scheduled for 3:20 p.m. AEST connected Sunday afternoon.

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