Dow Jones Dips, Small Caps Mauled; Apple Rises As Tesla Stalls Amid Lawsuit; AMC Stock Dives

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the worst-performing large banal index, portion tiny caps were besides spanked successful a antagonistic session. Apple (AAPL) managed to determination higher successful a bargain zone, with American Express (AXP) different bluish spot standout. Tesla (TSLA) banal stalled, portion AMC Entertainment (AMC) turned antagonistic arsenic it ceded aboriginal gains.

A mates of stocks tried to aquatics against the tide by staging breakouts. Leaderboard banal DocuSign (DOCU) and IPO banal (MNDY) some passed bargain points.


Nasdaq Forced Lower As Bears Maul Small Caps

The Nasdaq composite held up the best, but was down astir 0.1%. Amazon (AMZN) outperformed successful the Nasdaq 100, rising astir 5%. Chinese e-commerce play Pinduoduo (PDD) lagged, falling much than 5%.

The S&P 500 besides struggled, giving up 0.4%. Leaderboard sanction Generac (GNRC) was 1 of the amended performers here, rising astir 4%. Diamondback Energy (FANG) led the downside aft dropping astir 7%.

The S&P sectors were mostly negative, with lone user discretionary, exertion and existent property successful the green. Financials and vigor stocks were the biggest laggards.

U.S. Stock Market Today Overview

Index Symbol Price Gain/Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 34522.45 -263.90 -0.76
S&P 500 (0S&P5) 4335.14 -17.20 -0.40
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 14631.27 -8.05 -0.05
Russell 2000 (IWM) 225.57 -3.62 -1.58
IBD 50 (FFTY) 44.56 -0.29 -0.65
Last Update: 2:54 PM ET 7/6/2021

Small caps were slapped little by the bears, with the Russell 2000 falling astir 1.6%. Growth stocks were faring somewhat better, but the Innovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY) inactive gave up 0.7%.

Dow Jones Falls As Apple Stock Rises

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied disconnected league lows, but was inactive down astir 0.8%

Apple banal was showing spot heading into the close, gaining astir 1.2%. AAPL was boosted aft JPMorgan Chase raised its terms people to 170 from 165 and maintained an overweight rating.

Apple banal drove higher successful its bargain scope from a 13.17 buy point. Volume was moving good supra average.

This is simply a boost, arsenic it had been lacking since Apple banal broke retired of a cup without handle last week.

American Express banal had besides been moving well, but gave up overmuch of its gains. While it was inactive 1 of the fewer affirmative Dow Jones stocks, it was lone up astir 0.5%

The downside enactment was much brutal, with Dow Inc. (DOW) the worst laggard, falling astir 2.5%. Walt Disney (DIS) besides suffered, falling much than 2%.

Tesla Stock Hits Reverse Amid Lawsuit

Tesla banal was struggling Tuesday, dipping by astir 3.5%. The banal made a bullish determination Friday connected transportation data, but its RS enactment is presently dipping.

Tesla banal present sits beneath a bargain portion from an assertive introduction constituent of 675. It had antecedently moved supra a inclination line, but got turned distant astatine the 700 level.

Tesla banal was pressured aft it emerged the steadfast is getting sued by the household of a 15-year-old killed successful a car clang involving a Tesla connected Autopilot. The suit claims Autopilot does not enactment properly, and failed to observe postulation conditions.

Tesla banal got a boost past week aft it revealed it had delivered 201,250 vehicles successful Q2, up from the anterior grounds of 184,800 successful Q1 and 90,900 a twelvemonth ago.

It besides produced 206,421 vehicles, including 204,081 Model 3 and Model Y EVs, and 2,340 Model S and X vehicles.

AMC Stock Falls As GME Dips

Meme stocks were struggling amid the selling.

AMC stock, the current large beast of meme stocks, had risen early, but was forced down astir 3.5%. It is connected way for a 3rd down time successful a row. Other meme stocks were mixed connected Tuesday.

The cinema banal presently has dreadful net performance, but monolithic terms spikes person caused its Relative Strength Rating to scope a cleanable 99. Its banal is up much than 2,000% truthful acold this year.

The steadfast said Tuesday it decided not to question shareholder support for a connection that would person allowed it to contented arsenic galore arsenic 25 cardinal other shares.

AMC initially laid retired that connection successful a announcement for its yearly shareholder meeting, acceptable for July 29. But CEO Adam Aron said the institution was trying to instrumentality shareholder sentiment into consideration.

GameStop was falling adjacent harder, giving up astir 4%. It is present up conscionable implicit 900% for the year. Last week Baird suspended sum of the video crippled retail banal owed to Reddit power and a perceived deficiency of a institution plan.

Leader, IPO Stock Pass Buy

New contented managed to contention retired past an IPO basal bargain constituent astatine 237.60. While it had surged supra its bargain zone, it is present conscionable supra its bargain constituent aft giving up immoderate ground.

The comparative spot enactment deed a caller high, which is encouraging.

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Jefferies and different expert firms person each issued bullish recommendations connected the Israel-based unreality bundle stock.

Canaccord Genuity expert David Hynes initiated with a bargain standing and 275 terms target. He noted, "You privation to marque your bets with a vendor that's spending aggressively to found archetypal beachheads and past has the architectural instauration that makes for casual enlargement — that's Monday."

Leaderboard sanction DocuSign besides managed to determination supra an introduction of 290.33, according to MarketSmith. The banal is presently sitting beneath its introduction from this precise agelong consolidation pattern, however.

DocuSign had its presumption size raised from a 4th to a fractional Tuesday aft it broke past past week's precocious of 286.51.

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