Dow's stock gains as profit and revenue rise above forecasts, as local price jump

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Shares of Dow Inc. DOW, +1.18% edged up 0.2% successful premarket trading Thursday, aft the chemicals and specialty materials institution reported third-quarter nett and gross that roseate supra Wall Street forecasts, amid large jumps successful section prices owed to choky proviso and request dynamics. The institution swung to nett income of $1.68 billion, oregon $2.23 a share, from a nonaccomplishment of $25 million, oregon 4 cents a share, successful the aforesaid play a twelvemonth ago. Excluding nonrecurring items, adjusted net per stock roseate to $2.75 from 50 cents, beating the FactSet statement of $2.56. Sales surged 52.8% to $14.84 billion, supra the FactSet statement of $14.33 billion. Packaging and specialty plastics income grew 69.5% to $7.74 cardinal to bushed the FactSet statement of $7.25 billion, arsenic section terms accrued 63%; concern intermediates and infrastructure income roseate 46.5% to $4.48 cardinal vs. expectations of $4.40 billion, arsenic section terms accrued 49%; show materials and coatings income roseate 26.2% to $2.53 cardinal to apical expectations of $2.49 billion, arsenic section terms accrued 23%. "e proceed to spot robust end-market request that is expected to widen into 2022, coupled with near-term logistics constraints and debased inventory levels crossed our worth chains," said Chief Executive Jim Fitterling. The banal has gained 7.9% twelvemonth to day done Wednesday, portion the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.43% has precocious 16.4%.

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