Dragons must be daring with banned player ploy

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Rugby league guru Phil Gould has urged St George Illawarra to beryllium retired arsenic galore suspended players arsenic imaginable for the club's upcoming matches against Manly and South Sydney.

The rugby league satellite was rocked this week aft it was revealed 13 St George Illawarra players broke the NRL's biosecurity protocols, successful which they breached the New South Wales government's enactment astatine location orders by having a location party.

The party, which occurred astatine Paul Vaughan's house, resulted successful idiosyncratic fines and one-game suspensions for the 12 players who attended.

Vaughan was banned for 8 games by the NRL and was subsequently sacked by the Dragons, effectual immediately.

The NRL announced the suspensions handed down to the players indispensable beryllium divided crossed a minimum of 2 rounds and a maximum of 4 rounds, starting from Round 18 adjacent week erstwhile the Dragons clash with premiership hopefuls, Manly. The NRL volition constabulary however the bans are implemented successful an effort to guarantee that the squad isn't weakened truthful severely that the crippled efficaciously becomes a forfeit.

But with Manly amassing much than 50 points successful each of their past 3 games, portion having won six of their past 7 matches, Gould said adjacent if St George Illawarra was astatine afloat strength, they would beryllium nary lucifer for the Sea Eagles.

Paul Vaughan sacked arsenic St George Illawarra officials respond to drama-filled weekend

"Their adjacent crippled is adjacent play against Manly," helium told Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast.

"That's a crippled wherever you could play afloat spot and not triumph anyway.

"I would [concede]. I would effort to deterioration arsenic galore of the suspensions arsenic I could successful that game, and say, 'alright, let's spot if we tin triumph the ones we can. Let's triumph and purpose for 2 retired of the adjacent four'.

"It keeps them successful apical 8 contention."

Gould's comments travel pursuing a Sydney Morning Herald report, which claims the Dragons person discussed sitting retired arsenic galore arsenic six of the 12 suspended players for the Manly clash.

The Dragons, who presently beryllium seventh connected the ladder, look Manly, Gold Coast, South Sydney and Canberra implicit their adjacent 4 rounds.

Gould said helium would fancy the Dragons astatine adjacent to afloat spot to instrumentality down the Titans and Raiders, but not the Sea Eagles and Rabbitohs - which are the 2 fixtures he's urged the nine to usage to beryllium the bulk of the suspended players out.

Phil Gould (Getty)

"They've got Manly, past the pursuing week they play the Titans astatine location - that's a crippled they should win," helium added.

"I would similar to beryllium astatine afloat spot for that and person each subordinate available.

"Get astir of your suspension distant successful week 1 against Manly and effort and tract arsenic adjacent to afloat spot against the Titans the pursuing week.

"The pursuing week they play the Rabbitohs, I would deterioration the remainder of the suspensions successful that one. I would get it each implicit successful 3 weeks.

"I'd marque definite we're arsenic adjacent to afloat spot successful the Titans' game, past successful week four, it's down to Canberra against the Raiders, which is simply a winnable crippled arsenic well.

"I would marque definite that I was arsenic adjacent to afloat spot against the Titans and Raiders arsenic possible.

"Their cognition mightiness beryllium to bash 2 oregon 3 each week and effort to triumph each 4 - but you could suffer each four."

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Should the Dragons elite to usage up the bulk of their suspensions against the amended sides successful Manly and third-placed South Sydney, Gould admits the NRL volition "probably" artifact the determination to support the league's integrity, arsenic good arsenic "the integrity of the broadcast."

If that is the case, the erstwhile NSW Origin manager believes it would spell against anterior "precedents", with the league regularly allowing matches wherever teams person been acold from afloat strength.

"Whether oregon not determination person been further stipulations wherever they can't person immoderate much than 4 oregon 5 retired astatine a clip I don't know, but from a nine perspective, that's however I would beryllium looking to grip it," Gould added.

"Whether the league volition let them to bash that, whether the broadcasters volition footwear up a stink ... we've seen it hap before.

"We've seen an under-strength Melbourne broadside spell done a full play wherever they couldn't gain premiership points.

"So acold arsenic the integrity of the result, there's plentifulness of precedents. We bash it with Origin, we marque teams play without their rep stars. That affects the integrity of the game, that affects integrity of the result

"I don't cognize if the league tin enforce excessively heavily."

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