Elmo's adopting a puppy on Sesame Street and your heart probably can't handle the cuteness

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(CNN)Elmo's latest companion is going to find her fur-ever location connected Sesame Street.

Sesame Workshop connected Tuesday announced a caller resident: Tango, Elmo's adopted puppy.

Tango volition beryllium introduced officially successful "Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy," a 30-minute peculiar debuting August 5 connected HBO Max. (HBO Max and CNN stock genitor institution WarnerMedia.)

    In improvement for 2 years, according to a Sesame Workshop property release, Tango "will amusement preschoolers however to conscionable a caller animal, mildly play with and brushwood a pet, thatch caller tricks, springiness baths, and, astir especially, amusement emotion and affection for their furry friends."

      Tango's debut could beryllium seen arsenic timely, arsenic galore families invited caller pets into the fold during the pandemic -- a inclination that seems to beryllium going strong, according to PetPoint, which gathers information from much than 1,100 carnal organizations successful the U.S.

      In May 2021, much than 32,000 dogs were adopted, which was a 16.7% summation from the erstwhile year, PetPoint found. The fig of dogs surrendered to carnal payment organizations, however, is besides up, with 15,420 alleged proprietor surrenders successful May 2021 -- an summation of 23.9% from May 2020.

        The plans are for Tango, meanwhile, to instrumentality around.

        Sesame Workshop said the pup volition beryllium "a mainstay successful aboriginal Sesame Street content," allowing "for accordant modeling of harmless behaviour and age-appropriate assistance with a pet," a merchandise said.

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