Fatty tees off on Dragons house party 'd---heads'

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Queensland legends Paul Vautin and Billy Slater person whacked the 13 Dragons players caught up successful the now-infamous location enactment COVID breach with a superior world cheque after they were handed monster fines totalling $305,000 by the NRL.

The NRL handed down their punishment for the offending cohort connected Monday, sanctions which included hefty fines and clip connected the sidelines for the 13 players who attended a location enactment astatine Paul Vaughan's residence implicit the weekend.

Vautin was near speechless by the shocking disregard for nationalist wellness protocols amid NSW's caller delta outbreak and had a fewer prime words for the offending bunch.

"I'm conscionable going to accidental this, these blokes are dickheads. That's each you tin say," Vautin told 2GB's Wide World Of Sports Radio.

"Everyone is without code astatine what they've done. It's not conscionable breached the NRL rules, it's breached the laws of the NSW Government.

Paul Vautin didn't mince his words implicit the Dragons players caught up successful the now-infamous location enactment COVID breach. (Getty)

"Everyone is trying to past successful these days that we've got. COVID is rampant down successful Sydney. They're each expected to beryllium location nether lockdown and idiosyncratic decides to propulsion a party. Every subordinate deserved to beryllium fine. Seriously, it's a disgrace really.

"I commend the NRL, they've handled it precise good and the afloat value of the instrumentality has travel down connected the Dragons. And they merit what happens to them implicit the adjacent 8-10 weeks. It's precise bittersweet and I conscionable don't cognize what made them deliberation they tin bash this."

Slater was arsenic baffled by the group's determination to clasp a enactment and was near fuming astatine the group's selfishness, peculiarly considering however galore Australians are presently doing it pugnacious astir the country.

"It's highly disappointing. These players knew they were doing the incorrect thing. Everyone knows what protocols they're in, particularly the NRL players," Slater told WWOS Radio. "They spell and bash this knowing it's the incorrect happening to do."

Paul Vaughan of the Dragons during his team's triumph implicit the Warriors. (Getty)

"You're mounting an example, you've got radical astatine home, fans astatine home, that are pursuing you and they spot this. It conscionable shows them that you deliberation you're bigger than the law. You deliberation you're bigger than the wide public.

"The different happening is, the different 500 players are each doing the close thing. We've got the NZ Warriors who haven't been location successful a year, and these players can't conscionable toed the line?

"It's ignorant, selfish and they've been dealt dense fines.

It shows a existent deficiency of enactment astatine the club, doesn't it? If determination are 12 players astatine that venue, I situation accidental the full radical would person known astir it. There are elder players within, and Paul Vaughan is 1 of them. He's a elder subordinate astatine that club, and past you spell retired and bash thing similar this.

"That conscionable shows to maine a existent deficiency of enactment astatine the club."

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