Former Aide Explains Why McCain Really Didn’t Care About Trump’s Insults

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Speaking to the progressive PAC MeidasTouch’s podcast this week, Grant Woods, a erstwhile adjutant to the precocious Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) explained wherefore his brag wasn’t bothered by insults leveled astatine him by erstwhile President Donald Trump.

“It did not fuss him a spot due to the fact that helium had specified small respect — helium had nary respect for Donald Trump anyway,” Woods, a erstwhile GOP Arizona lawyer wide who changed his registration to Democrat successful 2018, told the podcast.

“McCain truly didn’t walk hardly immoderate clip reasoning astir Trump oregon worrying astir Trump oregon immoderate of that,” Woods said. “He called it arsenic helium saw it, and helium thought Trump was an asshole and helium thought helium was an idiot. And if helium spent immoderate clip connected it, it was successful trying not to accidental that publically arsenic overmuch arsenic helium thought it.”

“It did not fuss him a bit. I mean, not a bit,” helium said. “He wasn’t, like, pissed for 5 seconds and past got over.”

Trump often attacked McCain’s warfare record. McCain, a erstwhile captive of warfare successful Vietnam, was highly regarded among veterans.

“He’s not a warfare hero,” said Trump successful 2015. “He was a warfare leader due to the fact that helium was captured. I similar radical who weren’t captured.”

“He mislaid and fto america down,” Trump added. “I’ve ne'er liked him arsenic overmuch aft that. I don’t similar losers.”

According to Woods, McCain lone became bothered by those circumstantial comments aft speaking to immoderate of his friends, chap prisoners of war.

“It’s 1 happening for John McCain, wherever helium was, to go, ‘Yeah, who cares.’ But for these guys, their identity, their beingness was wrapped up successful being a POW,” helium said. “So to past person idiosyncratic nationally say, ‘Hey, you’re not a hero, that’s each bogus.’ That wasn’t close to enactment an 80-year-old feline done that astatine that constituent successful time, due to the fact that they are heroes and I’d ne'er heard anyone accidental differently.”

You tin perceive to the interrogation successful the video below.

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