Frank Figliuzzi: I Don’t Think Tucker Carlson’s Whistleblower Exists, But if They Do, They’re Getting Arrested [Video]

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Tucker Carlson has ever been 1 of the much utmost anchors connected Fox News. But since Donald Trump mislaid the election, he’s gone adjacent further disconnected the heavy end. Whether is has to woody with achromatic supremacy oregon COVID-19, nary conspiracy mentation has been retired of bounds for the personality.

In the past fewer weeks, Carlson has been claiming that helium is being spied connected by the NSA. And successful a caller segment, helium claimed that it has thing to bash with his attempts to interrogation Vladimir Putin.

During a caller quality connected MSNBC, Frank Figliuzzi said that the Fox big is playing a unsafe game. And the erstwhile FBI cause said that Carlson whitethorn adjacent get his whistleblower arrested.

First, Figliuzzi said that he’s not definite the whistleblower is adjacent real. He past continued, “There’s thing overmuch larger going connected here. Another leafage successful the playbook of folks similar Tucker Carlson and the GOP who privation to proceed to erode the public’s spot successful their institutions. If you support doing that capable the nonsubjective is you can’t spot your institutions and the vocation professionals and past the lone radical you tin spot are us. And you get to reshape the information into your ain mentation of reality. That’s what’s going connected here.”

Frank Figliuzzi says that helium doesn't deliberation Tucker Carlson's whistleblower exist, but if they do, they're getting arrested.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 9, 2021

The erstwhile FBI cause concluded, “the thought idiosyncratic saw Tucker’s sanction being passed astir oregon they had entree to it and they leaked it to him, fto maine accidental this, if that idiosyncratic adjacent exists, they’re going to beryllium arrested for passing top-secret information. But I’m not definite that idiosyncratic exists.”

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