Germany vs. France: 'Kick out oil' protester parachutes into Allianz Arena stadium ahead of Euro 2020 match

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(CNN)A protester parachuted into Munich's Allianz Arena moments earlier the commencement of the Euro 2020 lucifer betwixt Germany and France connected Tuesday, injuring respective radical who were hospitalized, according to European shot governing assemblage UEFA.

The yellowish parachute had the words "KICK OUT OIL" and "GREENPEACE" emblazoned connected it.

Footage circulated connected societal media showed the parachutist colliding with cables supporting an overhead camera earlier appearing to suffer control.

    "This inconsiderate enactment -- which could person had precise superior consequences for a immense fig of radical attending -- caused injuries to respective radical attending the crippled who are present successful infirmary and instrumentality authorities volition instrumentality the indispensable action," said UEFA successful a connection sent to CNN Sport.

      UK broadcaster ITV, which televised the match, showed the protester yet landing connected the tract and escorted disconnected the transportation by security.

      ITV besides showed insignificant debris from the incidental astir hitting France manager Didier Deschamps.

       A Greenpeace activistic  parachutes into the stadium up  of the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Group F lucifer  betwixt  France and Germany connected  June 15, 2021 successful  Munich, Germany.

      Greenpeace Germany tweeted an apology, successful portion saying "due to a method fault, a forced exigency landing was endangered and 1 idiosyncratic was seemingly injured arsenic a result. We anticipation everyone is fine. #FRAGER."

      An earlier tweet said: "This protestation was ne'er intended to disrupt the crippled oregon injure people."

      CNN has reached retired to Greenpeace for further comment. Munich constabulary did not instantly respond to CNN's petition for comment.

      On its website, Greenpeace says the enactment aims to "defend the earthy satellite and enactment for a greenish and peaceful future."

      UEFA successful its connection added: "UEFA and its partners are afloat committed to a sustainable EURO 2020 tourney and galore initiatives person been implemented to offset c emissions."

        The lucifer was not impacted by the incident. France won the Group F lucifer 1-0.

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