Get a hefty discount on a Galaxy S20 5G and other devices via Samsung's Certified Re-Newed program

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The rebranded pre-owned programme present offers immoderate of Samsung's newest phones astatine discounts up to 75% disconnected the terms of a caller device.


Image: Samsung

Samsung's pre-owned instrumentality programme has been rebranded arsenic Samsung Certified Re-Newed, and has besides added immoderate of the newest Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S20 5G. 

The discounts Samsung offers connected its devices, which travel unlocked and with a one-year warranty, are substantial. Depending connected the instrumentality and the features of a peculiar device, immoderate models scope discounts of up to 75%, arsenic is the lawsuit with a 128GB Galaxy S20 5G ($250 with a trade-in; $650 without). 

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Samsung describes the devices successful its Certified Re-Newed programme arsenic "like new," and said the devices spell done much than 100 prime checks successful Samsung facilities and person worn parts and batteries replaced with OEM Samsung components.

Samsung besides markets its Certified Re-Newed devices arsenic eco-friendly due to the fact that they debar creating unnecessary waste. If being eco-conscious is portion of your smartphone buying strategy this is worthy a look: They're being sold astatine a sizeable discount portion being immoderate of the newest models available. 

Businesses that usage Samsung devices volition find these deals, on with the associated Samsung Certified Re-Newed for Business offers, worthy a look, too. Free shipping, measurement discounts and 35% disconnected of Samsung's AppStack concern software are each available.

To enactment Samsung's Certified Re-Newed discounts successful position it's a bully thought to instrumentality a look astatine what different manufacturers, similar Apple, are offering for its refurbished devices.

The iPhone 11 series, the comparable exemplary to Samsung's Galaxy S20 devices, is disposable refurbished, but the terms is considerably higher, with a 512GB iPhone 11 Pro lone discounted by $180 to $1,019. Samsung's S20 discount connected 128GB devices can't beryllium straight compared to Apple's iPhone 11 due to the fact that Apple's devices don't connection 128GB retention options. 


A illustration of Apple's refurbished iPhone offerings. Note that nary of them are 5G-capable devices.

Image: Apple

Apple's refurbished programme is besides somewhat undercut by its caller devices. The iPhone 11, the lone subordinate of the household inactive offered new, starts astatine $599, and portion it's not a "pro" device, it's inactive cheaper than a refurbished 11 Pro. A marque caller iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB of retention costs $999; again, it's not imaginable to comparison to an identical 11 Pro model, arsenic 128GB of retention isn't disposable successful that model. The starting refurbished iPhone 11 Pro, which has 64GB of storage, costs $759. It's besides important to enactment that the iPhone 11 bid doesn't person 5G, making it a spot harder to swallow Apple's refurb prices.

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Carriers, similar AT&T, besides connection pre-owned devices but don't person immoderate Samsung phones available--just iPhones successful the 11 and XR series.

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