Gigi Hadid writes open letter explaining why she doesn't want her daughter's face in media photos

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(CNN)Model Gigi Hadid shares 10-month aged daughter Khai with vocalist Zayn Malik. The 2 person decided to support their child's privateness erstwhile it comes to paparazzi, the property and societal media, saying they volition not beryllium sharing photo's of her face.

Hadid posted an open letter connected Twitter Tuesday, successful which she asked media and instrumentality accounts to delight proceed to support Khai's look retired of photos, oregon to blur her look successful pictures if they are published.

"I cognize the laws alteration State to State, and I've seen immoderate paparazzi photos of kids successful NYC with their faces blurred- but, from asking around, I judge that that comes down to the integrity of the photographer, publication, oregon fans sharing the images," Hadid wrote. "I constitute this each to say: to the Paparazzi, press, and beloved instrumentality accounts, you cognize we person ne'er intentionally shared our daughters look connected societal media. Our privation is that she tin take however to stock herself with the satellite erstwhile she comes of age, and that she tin unrecorded arsenic mean of a puerility arsenic possible, without worrying astir a nationalist representation that she has not chosen."

    "It would mean the satellite to us, arsenic we instrumentality our girl to spot and research NYC, and the world, if you would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blur her look retired of the images, and if and erstwhile she is caught connected camera, I cognize it's an other effort, but arsenic a caller mom, I conscionable privation the champion for my baby, arsenic each parents do," Hadid wrote.

      Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and different personage parents person advocated successful the past for authorities to amended support their children's privateness from assertive photographers.

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