Gods Unchained (GODS) token price skyrocketing after hosting AMA with SushiSwap

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Gods Unchained (GODS) token terms has been connected the emergence since yesterday. 

Yesterday, it registered a emergence of implicit 26% propelling its terms supra $7.26 successful the day hours (GMT+3). It aboriginal pullback to astir $6.61 by contiguous 2 americium earlier shooting up erstwhile again to a precocious of $7.37 astatine astir 4 am.

At the clip of writing, the GODS terms had pullback to astir $6.85 though inactive successful the green.

But wherefore is the GODS terms rising? Why the bull-run adjacent arsenic the remainder of the crypto marketplace bleeds?

Here is simply a elaborate outlook of the crushed wherefore the token is connected the rise.

What is Gods Unchained?

Before delving into wherefore Gods Unchained (GODS) token terms is connected the rise, it is important to archetypal recognize what it is.

In a nutshell, Gods Unchained is simply a free-to-play trading paper crippled that uses blockchain exertion and implements non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The crippled uses the play-to-earn exemplary that allows users to merchantability their cards for real-world value.

Gods Unchained is the blockchain mentation of Hearthstone built connected Ethereum, though it has much speculations similar the indispensable improvement of Blizzard’s flagship integer TCG and Hearthstone clone.

GODS is the autochthonal token of the Gods Unchained crippled and it is utilized arsenic a inferior token wrong the ecosystem.

Why is GODS Price Rising?

The past study astir Gods Unchained was made past week and it caused GODS to spike by implicit 66% successful a azygous day. At that clip the quality was astir Coinbase supporting the GODS token.

The effect of the Coinbase quality has nevertheless faded distant and the existent Bull Run is attributed to the caller quality of Gods Unchained hosting an AMA connected December 14th with SushiSwap. The AMA discussed the root and past of Gods Unchained and mentioned immoderate of the ongoing developments with the project.

One cardinal constituent of Gods Unchained is the usage of Immutable X, which was the archetypal layer-2 for NFTs built connected Ethereum. This diagnostic offers zero state fees, instant trades, and provides the required scalability for hosting mainstream DApps.

The different facet that was brought to airy was the team’s plans for the GODS token to beryllium utilized successful purchasing in-game cards and chests. Currently, players usage Ethereum (ETH) and US dollar (USD) to acquisition items successful the Gods Unchained marketplace. Using the GODS token volition effect successful a self-sustaining economy.

Since the issues discussed during the AMA are long-term, the effects of the AMA are expected to dictate GODS terms question for immoderate clip and the bullish inclination could proceed for rather immoderate time.

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