GOP Crime Wave Rages On As Trump Golfing Buddy Arrested For Groping Dental Patient

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The Republican transgression question continues arsenic 1 of Trump’s golfing buddies has been charged with indecent assault.

Via: The Washington Post:

A person and golfing spouse of erstwhile president Donald Trump — who gained notoriety for utilizing that relationship to lobby Trump’s medication — was charged with indecent battle past week successful Pennsylvania connected allegations helium groped 1 of his dental patients, according to tribunal documents.

Albert Hazzouri Jr., a 65-year-old dentist from Scranton, Pa., is champion known for a 2017 enactment helium wrote Trump, utilizing stationery from Trump’s ain Mar-a-Lago Club, to propulsion a connection for an oversight committee connected dental spending.

If it is existent that you tin archer a batch astir a idiosyncratic based connected the institution that they keep, past the information that the radical surrounding Trump getting arrested and charged with crimes speaks volumes.

The Republican Party hasn’t conscionable gone insane. They besides person nary values and are attracting truthful galore criminals that 1 could beryllium forgiven if the erstwhile enactment of Lincoln was mistaken for a transgression syndicate.

The erstwhile failed one-term president is the symptom, not the disease.  The Republican Party was infected with criminality earlier Trump, but their malleability toward transgression was wherefore they were truthful easy taken implicit by Trump.

It is nary wonderment that the GOP is truthful anti-police. They are the enactment of crime.

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