Green walks out on presser after blunt Arrow statement

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Maroons manager Paul Green has stunned reporters by walking retired connected a property league without answering questions aft offering a blunt connection connected Jai Arrow's COVID-19 breach.

Arrow was deed with a breach announcement from the NRL yesterday for failing to comply with the league's protocols erstwhile helium brought an "unregistered guest" into the Maroons' edifice connected the Gold Coast up of adjacent week's Origin finale.

The 25-year-old Souths prima was issued with a $35,000 fine, arsenic good arsenic a two-game suspension. He volition besides person to acquisition 14 days of isolation.

Green addressed media contiguous successful respect to the matter, successful which helium revealed the probe was inactive ongoing earlier walking retired arsenic reporters attempted to inquire much questions.

Jai Arrow of the Maroons (Getty)

"Thanks guys, conscionable with respect to the Jai Arrow incident, the substance is successful the applicable authorities' hands, and hasn't been resolved arsenic yet," Green told reporters.

"So we won't beryllium making immoderate further remark astatine this stage.

"Any inquiries delight interaction the NRL regarding that. Thanks."

Arrow's Maroons teammate, Christian Welch, who was famously stood down past twelvemonth for a akin breach, offered his position connected the situation.

Welch missed clip connected the tract and was fined by the NRL erstwhile helium brought successful an unregistered impermanent into Melbourne Storm's Sunshine Coast hub past year.

"I did the aforesaid happening past twelvemonth successful the Melbourne Storm bubble,"

"He understands he's made a truly mediocre determination and it's affected not lone himself but the squad and the group.

"He's hurting astatine the infinitesimal for his actions."

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