Griffin 'gutted' by Dragons players' forbidden party

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Dragons manager Anthony Griffin has been near "gutted" by the present infamous location enactment which resulted successful the sacking of erstwhile Origin prima Paul Vaughan.

Vaughan was fixed his marching orders by the club connected Tuesday, with the sacking costing the 30-year-old successful the ballpark of $1 cardinal successful total, a fig which includes the remainder of this season's woody arsenic good arsenic the $800,000 helium was acceptable to gain successful 2022.

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Griffin looked visibly deflated arsenic helium spoke to reporters successful a media league connected Tuesday afternoon, but said helium supported the board's determination to sack Vaughan.

"It's been a disappointing fewer days," helium said.

"As a subordinate of the club, conscionable gutted that we're successful this concern but we've dealt with it now.

Vaughan had his $800,000 declaration for adjacent play torn up connected Tuesday aft hosting the now-infamous enactment (Getty)

"On behalf of the club, arsenic the manager of the club, I apologise to our fans and our members and sponsors. But I deliberation the club's dealt with this truly powerfully contiguous and reasonably and we get a accidental to determination connected now."

After it was revealed that the players progressive had been warned by the nine not to party pursuing the Dragons' stirring Golden Point triumph implicit the Warriors connected Friday night, Griffin said it was the players' willful disobedience that "hurt the most".

"I mean, each subordinate and each worker of the NRL understands the issues of COVID and what you tin and can't do," helium said.

"It wasn't a substance of america having to marque a connection connected Friday nighttime to punctual them. Everyone understands what you and can't bash and that's the disappointing thing.

"We're got immoderate truly bully radical astatine our nine and the radical progressive successful this are bully people.

Dragons players were warned not to enactment aft Friday night's Golden Point win, yet ignored nine instructions (Getty)

"They've made a unspeakable mistake of judgment, but we'll turn retired of this and we'll go stronger."

While the players are understood to person apologised for their actions, Griffin stressed that words would not beryllium capable moving forward.

"It's not what they say, they're each precise remorseful, but the biggest happening it comes down to is what they do, and what they tin power is their show astatine grooming and successful the assemblage and connected the shot field," helium said. "That's what they've got to do, they've got to perform."

The forbidden location party, which breached NSW's existent lockdown laws, has led to questions regarding the Dragons' culture. While Griffin and nine CEO Ryan Webb denied speech of a taste problem, some agreed that determination was enactment to beryllium done.

Dragons manager Anthony Griffin admitted that the nine had enactment to bash connected improving its civilization (Getty)

"It's terribly disappointing and I apologise to everyone, not conscionable successful the shot world, but the full assemblage that's nether lockdown astatine the infinitesimal that this concern has happened," Griffin said.

"But successful the abbreviated word for our club, we've dealt with it and we'll beryllium stronger for it and we'll bash immoderate we tin to amended the integrity and the cognition of our nine going forward."

"I don't deliberation it's got a civilization problem, but I don't deliberation the civilization is wherever it needs to be," Webb added.

"In a akin manner to we looked astatine wherever we are connected tract with Hook and we look astatine our database and look astatine the large moves you've got to bash to marque that matter, I deliberation we request to honestly look astatine our civilization and say, 'well, we're not wherever we to beryllium and however are we going to amended it from here?'

"I wouldn't definite it arsenic a civilization problem, but we're a agelong mode from wherever we'd privation to be."

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