Hawks great rubbishes Clarkson speculation

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Hawthorn large Shane Crawford has deed backmost astatine suggestions Alastair Clarkson volition locomotion retired of the nine without completing the coaching modulation to Sam Mitchell adjacent season, saying the legendary manager is not 1 to "desert" the club.

After rumours surrounded Clarkson's aboriginal each year, Hawthorn yet made the coaching succession program authoritative yesterday, with Clarkson to manager the squad for 1 much play earlier Sam Mitchell takes implicit successful 2023.

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Clarkson has been linked with a fig of large clubs successful the past six months, peculiarly Collingwood, but has continually professed his loyalty to Hawthorn.

However, with the succession program present acceptable successful stone, Hawks large Leigh Matthews suggested Clarkson's "moral work to Hawthorn" had been breached by the club.

Crawford believes Clarkson volition not 'desert the footy club' astatine its lowest ebb by leaving astatine the extremity of this twelvemonth (Getty)

While Crawford says "all clubs would inquire themselves the question" of Clarkson's availability for adjacent season, helium backed the four-time premiership victor to bent around.

"Knowing what he's like, he'll enactment everything into it and he's enactment the nine archetypal successful this situation," helium told Wide World of Sports.

"He wants to permission the nine successful a amended position, helium doesn't privation to permission it sitting connected the bottommost of the ladder passing it on.

"He wants to permission the nine successful a presumption wherever it's going to amended and they'll hopefully get backmost to the finals.

"He's not being selfish with what he's doing, helium didn't person to instrumentality connected a rebuilding phase, which he's done truly good this twelvemonth by playing a batch of kids.

Sam Mitchell and Alastair Clarkson (Getty)

"He's conscionable not that benignant of idiosyncratic who's going to godforsaken the footy nine portion it's astatine its lowest. He'll privation to assistance acceptable it up connected its way and permission his bequest being an unbelievable one."

Crawford, who is adjacent with Mitchell, admitted that helium thought his premiership teammate would instrumentality up the Collingwood occupation earlier the Hawks succession program was announced.

"It was a small spot of a daze due to the fact that [of] Alastair Clarkson's standing, but he's ever been up of the crippled from a coaching constituent of view," Crawford said.

"Even with the mode helium would promote older players to spell elsewhere if they privation to play longer, helium would ever facilitate that.

Crawford says helium thought Mitchell would instrumentality the Collingwood occupation earlier the succession program was announced (Getty)

"It sounds similar helium got connected the beforehand ft arsenic good successful this concern due to the fact that determination is simply a batch of speech and speculation astir whether oregon not [Sam Mitchell] was the adjacent idiosyncratic to instrumentality over.

"Obviously Collingwood are looking for a caller manager and I person nary uncertainty Sam Mitchell was astir apt 1 of the apical 3 going for that position.

"I truly thought Sam was going to spell to Collingwood, I conscionable thought helium was a truly bully acceptable and Graham Wright evidently worked with Sam astatine Hawthorn. My knowing is [Hawthorn and Mitchell] might've adjacent had a speech astatine the commencement of the twelvemonth astir possibly immoderate roles moving forward.

"The Collingwood concern has evidently intensified things, but they were astir apt going to tally the hazard of losing Sam Mitchell successful a fewer much months. They evidently consciousness that he's the close idiosyncratic to instrumentality the nine forward."

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