Hawks legend 'gobsmacked' by club's Clarko call

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Hawthorn fable Jason Dunstall says he's "gobsmacked" by his erstwhile club's determination to enactment an extremity day connected supercoach Alastair Clarkson's clip astatine the Hawks, and has questioned the process of handing implicit the reins to successor Sam Mitchell.

Hawthorn yesterday announced Clarkson would manager until his declaration expires astatine the extremity of 2022, earlier handing implicit to Mitchell for play 2023.

Dunstall, who helped prime Clarkson arsenic manager backmost successful 2004, said helium was blindsided by the Hawks' determination to enactment an expiry day connected the four-time premiership coach's tenure.

"I was gobsmacked. I didn't cognize it was coming. I was very, precise surprised," Dunstall told Fox Footy's AFL 360.

Sam Mitchell and Alastair Clarkson. (Getty)

"Hindsight volition archer america (if it's the close decision). It's a bold determination is what it is. Knowing you're giving up the champion manager of the modern epoch and who I deliberation inactive has plentifulness of currency - gee you're placing a batch of religion and unit connected Sam Mitchell.

"Only clip volition archer whether it's the close determination oregon not."

Dunstall besides raised interest implicit the process of handing implicit to Mitchell, pointing to the caller little than perfect transportation betwixt John Worsfold and Ben Rutten astatine Essendon.

"It's conscionable 12 months of atrocious press, that's what usually happens. We saw with (Mick) Malthouse and (Nathan) Buckley, aforesaid happening happened with Worsfold and Rutten. Does Sam Mitchell privation immoderate cleanable air? He astir apt does," Dunstall said.

Clarkson fumes implicit boxing questions

The determination by Hawthorn could beryllium derailed by a alteration of bosom from Clarkson, and Dunstall said rival clubs would beryllium silly to not commencement pursuing the seasoned coach.

"I deliberation the landscape's changed present truthful if the close connection came along, I don't cognize if it's Collingwood oregon if it's different club, I don't cognize who it mightiness be, but if you're not knocking his doorway down there's thing wrong."

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