How to fix the "cannot download file" issue in Google Drive on a Chromebook

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If you've recovered your Chromebooks are refusing to download files from your Google Drive account, Jack Wallen has the hole for you.


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Chromebooks are a large level for conscionable astir immoderate benignant of user. Whether you're idiosyncratic who simply spends each of their clip successful a browser if you're an admin who works remotely from the terminal model oregon adjacent if you're a developer: ChromeOS tin service you well. And due to the fact that Chromebooks integrate truthful good with Google unreality services, those devices are adjacent much utile and idiosyncratic friendly.

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However, I've tally into a concern that had maine scratching my head. On respective Chromebooks, I'd spell to download a record from Google Drive and the OS wouldn't let it. Curious, arsenic I was logged into my Chromebook which was associated with my Google account. Shouldn't this conscionable work? It should. But sometimes the best-laid plans, Murphy's Law and Occam's Razor can't look to get it together.

Fortunately, determination is simply a hole for the problem, and it's not each that difficult. Let maine amusement you how.

What you'll request

The lone happening you'll request to lick this occupation is simply a Chromebook associated with your Google account. That's it. Let's get to work.

How to hole the download record contented

Log into your Chromebook and unfastened the Chrome browser. In the code barroom type:


Scroll down to the Sites That Can Always Use Cookies conception and click Add. In the resulting popup (Figure A), type:

Make definite to cheque the container for Including third-party cookies connected this site.

Figure A


Adding Google Drive arsenic a tract that tin ever usage cookies connected ChromeOS.

Click add, and Google Drive has been cleared to usage cookies connected your Chromebook. At this point, the adjacent clip you effort to download a record from Google Drive, Chrome volition bash arsenic you requested and download the file.

One would deliberation this quality would beryllium built into the OS. The information is, giving the idiosyncratic the work to let oregon disallow the usage of cookies connected a per-site ground is really a bully thing. After all, successful this case, it is surely amended to inquire for support than forgiveness. Although Chromebooks are beauteous secure, it's lone a substance of clip earlier hackers statesman targeting these devices and users person to commencement placing information astatine the apical of their lists of things to woody with.

And that's each determination is to fixing a occupation that could easy vex you. If you find different sites that you indispensable download files from pulling the aforesaid shenanigans connected you, adhd them successful the aforesaid mode you did Google Drive. Just bash truthful with a motion to caution, arsenic you don't privation to let specified behaviour with fishy domains.

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