How to install the macOS Monterey public beta

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Get your hands connected each the caller macOS Monterey features earlier the wide merchandise this autumn by installing the nationalist beta now.


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We've deed the one-month post-WWDC 2021 mark, and successful that clip each and each Apple operating strategy has had its nationalist beta released. For Apple instrumentality owners and developers unafraid of bugs and incomplete features it's a large clip of the year: All the caller bundle is retired earlier its wide release. 

Those looking to effort the latest mentation 12 of macOS, besides known arsenic Monterey, tin instal it successful conscionable a fewer casual steps and astir an hr of waiting for the 11.73GB download to complete. A connection to the wise: If there's thing connected your Mac that you don't privation to suffer successful lawsuit the update goes atrocious beryllium definite to alteration iCloud backup and guarantee that important folders are included. It's besides not a atrocious thought to bash a afloat Time Machine backup truthful you person a reconstruct constituent to spell backmost to successful lawsuit thing goes earnestly wrong. 

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The past prerequisite to screen is whether oregon not your Mac is compatible with macOS Monterey. If you privation to instal it you'll request 1 of the pursuing devices: 

  • MacBook Pro (2016 oregon newer);
  • MacBook (2016 oregon newer);
  • MacBook Air (2018 oregon newer);
  • iMac (2017 and later);
  • iMac (5K Retina 27-inch, released successful precocious 2015);
  • iMac Pro; 
  • Mac mini (2018 oregon newer);
  • Mac Pro (2019).

If you're unsure which exemplary your Mac is, travel the steps connected Apple's exemplary recognition page to find it. macOS Monterey is besides disposable for respective models of iPad: 

  • iPad Pro;
  • iPad Air (3rd procreation oregon newer); 
  • iPad (6th procreation oregon newer);
  • iPad mini (5th procreation oregon newer).

How to instal the macOS Monterey nationalist beta connected a Mac

Once you've taken attraction of each the prerequisites it's clip to get to installing the beta. Start by navigating to the Apple Beta Software Program website connected the instrumentality you privation to update. Once there, scroll down until you spot the surface shown successful Figure A, wherever you'll spot options to motion up for the beta programme if you've ne'er participated, oregon a abstraction to log successful if you have. Choose whichever is relevant, travel the onscreen steps, and you'll extremity up logged successful to the program.


Figure A: Logging successful to the Apple Beta Software Program website.

When you're logged successful the website should automatically driblet you connected the leafage applicable to the Apple instrumentality you're on, successful this lawsuit for macOS Monterey. Scroll down until you spot Get Started, wherever determination should beryllium immoderate bluish substance saying "enroll your Mac." Click that (Figure B).


Figure B: Enrolling your Mac successful the Apple Software Beta Program.

The adjacent surface volition person a repetition of immoderate of the instructions supra (backup your Mac, etc.), and scrolling down you'll find Step 2: Enroll Your Mac (Figure C). Here you'll privation to click connected the bluish fastener labeled Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility, which volition download a tiny .PKG file. 


Figure C: Downloading the Public Beta Access Utility.

Opening and moving the Access Utility volition enroll your Mac successful the beta programme and should automatically unfastened the Software Update window, arsenic shown successful Figure D. Click connected Upgrade Now, past beryllium backmost and wait: As mentioned above, the download is sizable. 


Figure D: Once you've tally the Access Utility, beta updates should look connected the Software Update screen.

When complete, the Install macOS Monterey Beta exertion volition unfastened (Figure E). Note that you'll request to person astir 9.5 GB free, connected apical of the 11.73 GB needed for the download, to instal the beta. Click continue, and get acceptable to hold again: The instal inferior reports it volition instrumentality astir an hr to complete, which I tin attest to being comparatively close connected my 2018 MacBook Air. 


Figure E: The macOS Monterey beta instal application.

When complete, the exertion volition punctual you to reboot (Figure F). Click Restart, fto your Mac bash its business, and that's it: You're acceptable to commencement utilizing the macOS Monterey nationalist beta.


Figure F: You should spot this surface prompting a restart erstwhile the installation of Monterey has completed.

How to unenroll your Mac from the Apple Beta Program

There are a fig of reasons you mightiness privation to get retired of the nationalist beta program: Bugs, excessively galore updates to instal oregon the wide merchandise of Monterey makes you privation to halt getting updates until the adjacent large release.

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Whatever the reason, getting your Mac retired of the beta transmission is simple. Open Settings, click connected Software Update, and look connected the near of the window, wherever you should spot "This Mac is enrolled successful the Apple Beta Software Program," with "Details…" successful bluish beneath it. Click connected that and you'll spot the surface shown successful Figure G


Figure G: Removing your Mac from the macOS beta update channel.

As Figure G says, clicking Restore Defaults volition halt you from getting aboriginal beta updates. It doesn't region presently installed betas, however; you'll request a Time Machine backup for that. If there's a wide macOS merchandise that's newer than the existent beta you person installed you should get that update, putting you backmost successful enactment with the remainder of the non-beta idiosyncratic base.

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