How to update a page number reference in a Word document

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Large Word documents are often sprinkled with references to accusation passim a document. You tin participate them manually, but they'll beryllium hard to support later. Instead, usage this elemental technique.

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You often spot substance that references accusation connected different leafage that includes the leafage number. For instance, you mightiness spot thing akin to "To work much connected this topic, delight spot leafage 14." You could benignant the leafage fig manually successful Microsoft Word, but if you delete oregon adhd a leafage earlier leafage 14, that leafage fig volition beryllium wrong. There's a elemental mode to support leafage fig references: Bookmark them and past usage a cross-reference to notation to the bookmark. It's elemental but does necessitate a fewer steps. In this article, I'll amusement you however to bookmark referenced substance and past usage a cross-reference to show the bookmark's leafage number.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage older versions. You tin make the illustration papers oregon download the objection .docx and .doc files. This nonfiction isn't due for Word Online.

How to notation a leafage fig successful Word

Referencing a leafage fig takes a fewer steps, but they're not difficult:

  1. Add a leafage numbering strategy to a document's header oregon footer. This measurement isn't necessary, but successful an example, it helps to spot the leafage numbers.
  2. Enter the referenced substance and bookmark it.
  3. Enter a transverse notation that uses the bookmark.

Don't interest if you don't cognize immoderate of the presumption yet; you volition by the clip we're done. We'll beryllium moving with a mostly bare papers that contains 3 pages truthful you tin spot the leafage fig update erstwhile you adhd a page, which brings maine to the lone downside to this method: If you adhd oregon delete capable contented that the referenced contented moves to different page, you indispensable manually update the cross-reference. It won't update connected its own. We'll sermon this successful much item later.

1. Enter a page-numbering scheme

First, we request a document. Open a caller blank papers and usage Ctrl+Enter to unit 2 other pages for a full of 3 pages. To adhd the page-numbering scheme, bash the following:

  1. Open the header country of immoderate leafage (double-click the apical margin) truthful you tin edit the header.
  2. To adhd a page-numbering scheme, click Page Number successful the Header & Footer.
  3. Choose the archetypal point successful the dropdown database past take the archetypal point successful the resulting database (see Figure A).

When you instrumentality to the document, you'll spot leafage numbers astatine the apical of each page.

Figure A


  Add a page-numbering scheme.

This method volition enactment with immoderate built-in page-numbering scheme. We're utilizing the easiest to simplify things. Now let's implicit the adjacent step.

2. Bookmark the referenced text

A bookmark is conscionable what it sounds like. It's a marker that identifies contented oregon determination for aboriginal reference. In our case, we privation to cognize the leafage fig of referenced text. By bookmarking that text, we tin get accusation astir that contented successful different areas of the document.

By referenced text, I mean the contented (usually text) that you privation to notation to later. For example, connected leafage 2 enter, "This is the accusation you privation to reference." This is the accusation that mightiness determination from 1 leafage to different arsenic you update, add, and delete content. You could bookmark a azygous word, a heading oregon the full paragraph. Now, let's make that bookmark:

  1. Select the substance (the full condemnation successful this case).
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. From the Links group, click Links.
  4. Choose Bookmark.
  5. In the resulting dialog, springiness the bookmark a name, arsenic shown successful Figure B. Don't alteration immoderate of the different settings; we privation to place this bookmark by name.
  6. Click Add.

Figure B


  Name the bookmark.

You'll privation to springiness bookmarks meaningful names truthful they're easier to discern and negociate later. Next up is the cross-reference that volition usage this bookmark. 

3. Create the cross-reference

Within Word, a cross-reference is simply a nexus to different portion of a document. It's really a field, { PageRef }, and you tin participate and update it arsenic you would immoderate different field.

Our past measurement is to participate a cross-reference that links to the bookmarked contented connected leafage 2. We don't privation to show the existent text. Instead, we privation to show the leafage connected which the bookmarked substance resides. 

On leafage 3 of the illustration document, participate the substance "You'll find much accusation connected page". Notice that I didn't benignant a leafage number. This is wherever we'll make the cross-reference arsenic follows:

  1. Position the cursor betwixt the connection leafage and the play quality astatine the extremity of the condemnation you entered connected leafage 3.
  2. Click the References tab and click Cross-Reference successful the Captions group. (I know, it does look an unusual spot for it.)
  3. In the resulting dialog, take Bookmark from the Reference dropdown.
  4. From the Insert Reference To dropdown, take Page Number—you privation to show the leafage the bookmarked substance is on, not the bookmarked text.
  5. In the For Which Bookmark list, prime PageNumberReferenceBM, arsenic shown successful Figure C.
  6. Click Insert and past Close.

Figure C


  Choose a bookmark. 

When you instrumentality to the document, the caller cross-reference correctly displays 2, that's wherever the referenced (bookmarked) substance is close now. At this point, each the pieces are successful place. It's clip to spot however they each enactment unneurotic to ever notation the close page, adjacent if the leafage fig changes.

How it each works unneurotic successful Word

Initially, the cross-reference displays 2. What happens if you insert a leafage betwixt 1 and 2, pushing the bookmarked contented to leafage 3? Let's find out—go to leafage 1 and property Ctrl+Enter to insert a caller page. Then thumb down to leafage 2, which is empty. This is the caller leafage you inserted. Thumb down to leafage 3 and you'll find the bookmarked content. Finally, thumb down to leafage 4.

Are you amazed to spot that it inactive displays 2 alternatively of 3? That's because, for amended oregon worse, cross-references don't update automatically. You indispensable update them. You tin update each of them by pressing Ctrl+A to prime the full papers and past pressing F9 to cipher each fields. If you privation to cipher a azygous cross-reference, prime that tract individually and property F9. As you tin spot successful Figure D, doing truthful updates the leafage fig to 3.

Figure D


  Update the cross-reference manually.

It seems similar we've worked hard to update a leafage fig that we could update manually, but what if you person tons of leafage numbers to update? You mightiness miss one, and frankly, it's tedious work. Not to notation that weeks down the road, you won't retrieve to update the leafage numbers. Instead, bookmark and cross-reference those leafage numbers and fto Word update them each arsenic needed. In a aboriginal article, I'll amusement you a fewer macros that tin update references for you. 

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