Iggy Azalea accused of 'Blackfishing' with darker-looking skin in latest music video

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(CNN)Iggy Azalea is warring backmost against accusations she's "Blackfishing" successful her latest euphony video for her azygous "I Am The Strip Club."

In the video the rapper wears a brunette wig and immoderate connected societal media person noted that her tegument appears to beryllium darker.

In effect to treatment astir her look connected societal media Azalea tweeted "I'm the aforesaid colour arsenic I ever am, conscionable successful a dimly lit country with reddish lights."

    "It's the aforesaid constitution from each different portion of the video conscionable with a Smokey oculus and antithetic wig," the usually blonde rapper tweeted. Just disregard them, who cares? Let em talk."

      CNN has reached retired to reps for Azalea for further comment.

      "Blackfishing" is simply a word that came to prominence successful 2018 after writer Wanna Thompson tweeted astir "white girls cosplaying arsenic achromatic women connected Instagram."

      It refers to radical darkening their tegument successful bid to lucifer Black oregon biracial radical and it harkens backmost to the arguable signifier of Blackface.

      Azalea is simply a autochthonal of Australia.

      She has battled charges that she appropriates Black civilization since her vocation took disconnected successful 2011 pursuing her signing with American rapper T.I.'s statement Grand Hustle and the merchandise of her debut mixtape titled "Ignorant Art."

        Her hits person included 2014's "Fancy," featuring chap rapper Charli XCX and "Black Widow," featuring vocalist Rita Ora that aforesaid year.

        Ora has besides been accused of Blackfishing arsenic person different celebs including Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

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