Is AMD Stock A Buy Ahead Of Chipmaker's Second-Quarter Earnings Report?

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) banal is down since the chipmaker reported fourth-quarter results successful precocious January. With a pullback successful shares, immoderate investors whitethorn beryllium wondering: Is AMD banal a bargain close now?


AMD has staged an astonishing turnaround implicit the past six years, fueled by caller products and improved profitability. And AMD banal has climbed arsenic a result.

AMD competes with Intel (INTC) successful making cardinal processing units, oregon CPUs, for idiosyncratic computers and servers. It besides rivals Nvidia (NVDA) successful the marketplace for graphics processing units, oregon GPUs, for PCs, gaming consoles and information centers.

Founded successful May 1969, AMD went public successful September 1972. AMD shifted to a fabless semiconductor concern successful March 2009 by spinning disconnected its factories into a associated task called GlobalFoundries.

Chief Executive Lisa Su Making A Difference

Current Chief Executive Lisa Su took the reins successful October 2014. She shepherded the Santa Clara, Calif.-based institution into a caller epoch with its Ryzen PC processors and Epyc server chips successful 2017.

Under her supervision, AMD jumped up of Intel successful making CPUs astatine smaller node sizes, giving its products an borderline successful velocity and performance. AMD is making chips astatine 7-nanometer scale, portion Intel has struggled to marque chips astatine 10-nanometer scale. AMD is present processing chips astatine 5-nanometer scale. Circuit widths connected chips are measured successful nanometers, which are one-billionth of a meter.

In July 2020, Intel announced a six-month delay successful accumulation of its already behind-schedule 7-nanometer processors. Intel present expects to vessel its archetypal 7-nanometer processors successful precocious 2022 oregon aboriginal 2023. By that time, AMD could beryllium making 3-nanometer processors, analysts said.

Also, connected June 29, Intel revealed a hold successful accumulation of its next-generation Xeon information halfway processors by astir 1 4th to the archetypal 4th of 2022.

The concern has helped AMD instrumentality marketplace stock from Intel successful PCs and servers. Those gains person buoyed AMD stock.

Chip foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) produces AMD's chips.

Su besides is overseeing a perchance transformative acquisition. On Oct. 27, AMD announced an all-stock woody worthy $35 cardinal to bargain Xilinx (XLNX) to grow its increasing data-center business. However, AMD banal fell connected the Xilinx acquisition news. Critics said the acquisition complicates AMD's "clean" capitalist communicative astir marketplace stock gains successful processors.

Intel Losing Market Share To AMD

In the archetypal quarter, AMD continued to instrumentality marketplace stock from Intel successful CPUs, according to Mercury Research.

AMD's portion stock of desktop PC processor income was 19.3% successful the March quarter, up from 18.6% successful the year-earlier period.

AMD's portion stock of notebook PC processor income was 18% successful the archetypal quarter, up from 17% successful the aforesaid 4th past year.

Advanced Micro Devices made the biggest gains successful the much lucrative server CPU business. Its server CPU marketplace stock was 8.9% successful the period, up from 5.1% successful the March 4th past year.

AMD made its gains contempt proviso constraints with its declaration shaper successful the period.

Advanced Micro Devices News: New PC, Server Chips

Last October, AMD introduced its next-generation Ryzen processors for desktop computers. It described its Ryzen 5000 bid cardinal processing units arsenic the "fastest gaming CPUs successful the world." The Ryzen 5000 bid products are aimed astatine PC gamers and contented creators.

On Jan. 12, during a keynote code astatine the virtual CES 2021 tech conference, Chief Executive Su introduced the company's caller Ryzen 5000 Series mobile processors. She called the chips "the astir almighty PC processors ever built for ultrathin and gaming notebooks." However, AMD banal fell 2% that day.

On March 15, AMD introduced its third-generation Epyc processors. The chips are designed for high-performance computing, unreality information halfway and endeavor server applications. AMD banal roseate 1.8% connected the news.

On May 19, AMD announced a caller stock buyback program. The institution intends to repurchase up to $4 cardinal worthy of its communal stock. AMD banal precocious 2.4% connected the news.

AMD Fundamental Analysis

Late connected April 27, AMD reported better-than-expected first-quarter results acknowledgment to beardown request for PC and information halfway products. But AMD banal fell 1.4% the adjacent day.

AMD earned an adjusted 52 cents a stock connected income of $3.45 cardinal successful the March quarter. Analysts expected AMD net of 44 cents a stock connected income of $3.21 billion. On a year-over-year basis, AMD net rocketed 189% portion income jumped 93%.

For the June quarter, AMD expects to make income of $3.6 billion, up 86% twelvemonth implicit year. Wall Street had predicted $3.29 cardinal successful income for the 2nd quarter.

For the afloat year, AMD expects gross maturation of astir 50% implicit 2020. That's up from its anterior guidance for astir 37% maturation successful 2021.

The adjacent catalyst for AMD banal could beryllium the chipmaker's second-quarter net report, owed successful precocious July.

AMD Stock Technical Analysis

AMD banal sank to a astir four-decade debased of 1.61 a stock successful July 2015 earlier starting its epic recovery.

On Nov. 30, AMD banal broke retired of a fourth-stage, double-bottom base with a buy point of 88.82, according to IBD MarketSmith charts. It notched a grounds precocious of 99.23 connected Jan. 11.

For 2 months aft its breakout, AMD banal traded successful and retired of the 5% pursuit zone. However, it triggered a round-trip merchantability signal aft retreating from a breakout summation of much than 10% backmost to beneath the bargain point.

AMD banal flashed different sell signal connected Feb. 23 erstwhile it dropped 7% to 8% beneath the bargain constituent of its breakout.

Today, AMD banal has a decent IBD Relative Strength Rating of 71 retired of 99. The Relative Strength standing shows however a stock's terms show stacks up against each different stocks implicit the past 52 weeks. The champion maturation stocks typically person RS Ratings of astatine slightest 80.

AMD banal has a best-possible IBD Composite Rating of 99. IBD's Composite Rating combines 5 abstracted proprietary ratings into 1 easy-to-use rating. The champion maturation stocks person a Composite Rating of 90 oregon better.

Is AMD Stock A Buy Right Now?

AMD banal is not a bargain close now, but it soon could be. It has formed a cup base with a buy point of 99.33, according to MarketSmith charts. AMD banal ended the regular league July 7 astatine 90.54.

The IBD Stock Checkup instrumentality shows AMD tied for archetypal spot with 3 different stocks successful IBD's fabless semiconductor manufacture group.

The fabless chipmaker radical ranks No. 37 retired of 197 manufacture groups that IBD tracks. Growth banal investors should absorption connected starring stocks successful the apical 40 manufacture groups.

Choosing highly rated stocks from starring manufacture groups successful a confirmed banal marketplace uptrend mostly increases your chances of making profits successful maturation stocks.

To find the best stocks to bargain oregon watch, cheque retired IBD Stock Lists arsenic good arsenic IBD's Leaderboard, MarketSmith and SwingTrader platforms.

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