Is Verizon Stock A Buy? 5G Wireless Competition Vs. AT&T, T-Mobile To Intensify

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While VZ banal has consistently underperformed the S&P 500, Verizon banal often attracts income-oriented investors owing to its dividend. If 5G wireless services reignite net and gross growth, however, Verizon banal mightiness person overmuch greater appeal.


Problem is, 5G wireless contention is expected to intensify. T-Mobile US's (TMUS) acquisition of Sprint created a stronger rival to Verizon Communications (VZ) and AT&T (T). T-Mobile owns the astir vigor spectrum  for 5G wireless services.

In addition, AT&T precocious agreed to merge its WarnerMedia business with Discovery (DISCA). As a result, a slimmed-down AT&T is expected to person much wealth to put successful 5G wireless exertion and fiber-optic services.

Verizon successful aboriginal June launched a caller 5G promotion, countering upgrade offers from AT&T and T-Mobile. VZ stock, a Dow Jones 30 scale component, reports second-quarter net connected July 21.

Verizon Stock: Earnings Due July 21

VZ banal connected May 3 sold a 90% involvement successful its media and advertizing concern to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. The woody is expected to adjacent successful the 2nd fractional of 2021.

In addition, Verizon banal emerged arsenic the apical bidder successful a caller authorities auction of mid-band vigor spectrum. Verizon spent $53 billion, including inducement payments to outer operators and clearing costs.

"The acquisition of C-band spectrum fundamentally doubled Verizon's mid- and low-band spectrum portfolio," said Wells Fargo expert Eric Luebchow successful a report. "The precedence for 2021 is getting the spectrum cleared by the outer companies and putting it connected towers arsenic rapidly arsenic possible."

At Credit Suisse, expert Douglas Mitchelson said: "Key for Verizon banal is management's quality to monetize its generational C-Band concern done selling ever much premium user unlimited work (at a higher price), much devices per household, and yet fixed wireless and caller 5G endeavor and user services."

At its capitalist time March 10, Verizon called for gross maturation of 4% oregon much successful 2024 arsenic it scales up 5G wireless services. Verizon forecast gross maturation of 2% successful 2021, successful enactment with anterior guidance. That volition summation to 3% maturation successful 2022 and 2023, the institution said.

Now that Verizon owns capable 5G mid-band spectrum, its web build-out volition beryllium key. Verizon aims to scope 175 cardinal radical by the extremity of 2022 with mid-band spectrum-based 5G services that supply faster information speeds.

VZ Stock: 5G Investment Phase

In addition, Verizon said 5G mobile services volition effect successful much consumers upgrading to unlimited monthly information plans. Currently, 61% of user subscribers person unlimited information plans, up from 40% successful 2018.

Also, Verizon told analysts it plans to usage the 5G mid-band spectrum to present fixed broadband services to homes. Cable TV companies presently predominate successful residential broadband. The telecom said its fixed broadband work to scope 30 cardinal homes by the extremity of 2023.

Verizon expects 5G concern services to summation momentum successful 2022. It's investing successful "mobile-edge compute" sites that supply backstage 5G concern services.

The telecom steadfast expects to walk $10 cardinal much connected gathering 5G wireless web infrastructure implicit the adjacent 3 years. That amounts to astir $3.3 cardinal a year. It's successful summation to the $18 cardinal each twelvemonth it already spends maintaining its full network. Some of that already is earmarked for 5G.

"The overarching question is whether investors volition spot a higher aggregate connected Verizon banal successful beforehand of wide impervious points for imaginable gross acceleration successful aboriginal years, balanced against minimal (earnings) maturation during this concern signifier and superior returns constricted to the dividend for the adjacent 4 to 5 years," Credit Suisse expert Douglas Mitchelson said successful a caller study to clients.

On the positive side, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway (BKH) connected Feb. 16 disclosed a $8.6 cardinal stake successful Verizon.

Verizon Stock: Tracfone Acquisition Under Review

In a large move, Verizon connected Sept. 14 agreed to bargain prepaid wireless work supplier Tracfone from Mexico-based America Movil (AMX) for $6.25 cardinal successful currency and stock. Federal regulators are inactive reviewing the projected deal.

Verizon and telecom rival AT&T are viewed arsenic antiaircraft plays due to the fact that of high dividends. A Dow component, Verizon banal pays a 4.6% dividend.

Verizon holds little indebtedness than AT&T, which acquired media elephantine Time Warner and earlier outer TV broadcaster DirecTV. While Verizon has avoided ample acquisitions, its foray into the media concern done the AOL and Yahoo acquisitions misfired. In 2018, it took a $4.6 cardinal write-down connected its media business, called Oath.

New York-based Verizon has partnered with Walt Disney (DIS) successful video streaming services. Disney and Verizon successful August expanded their streaming concern to see Hulu and ESPN+. Verizon has besides partnered for Apple (AAPL) Music services and with sports leagues.

In December, Verizon added Discovery (DISCA) arsenic a video streaming partner.

VZ Stock: Top Management New

Thanks to debased involvement rates, Verizon banal has posted immoderate bully runs since the planetary recession of 2008-2009. The telecom elephantine astatine 1 constituent jumped into the IBD Leaderboard. It's a curated database of starring stocks that basal retired connected method and cardinal metrics.

Verizon is the largest supplier of wireless services successful the U.S. It besides sells wired services to consumers successful the Northeast and concern services globally.

Verizon is overmuch much exposed to the U.S. wireless marketplace than rival telecom AT&T. Verizon gets astir 85% of adjusted net from its wireless business.

The institution has paid down indebtedness since it bought Vodafone Group's (VOD) 45% involvement successful a wireless associated task for $130 cardinal successful aboriginal 2014.

Further, its elder enactment is new. Chief Executive Hans Vestberg served arsenic web cogwheel shaper Ericsson's (ERICY) CEO earlier joining Verizon. Vestberg and Chief Strategy Officer Rima Qureshi, besides an Ericsson veteran, some joined Verizon successful 2017.

Ronan Dunne, caput of Verizon's user business, antecedently was CEO astatine British wireless steadfast O2. He joined Verizon successful 2016.

VZ Stock Fundamentals In A Maturing Industry

Revenue maturation remains an issue. Verizon's long-range occupation is that the U.S. wireless marketplace is saturated.

Many consumers person delayed upgrading to caller smartphones. Plus, data-gobbling mobile video hasn't panned retired arsenic a large moneymaker.

For the March quarter, Verizon net came successful astatine $1.31 an adjusted share, excluding items. Revenue roseate 4% to $32.9 billion.

A twelvemonth earlier, Verizon earned $1.26 a stock connected gross of $31.6 billion. Analysts had projected Verizon net of $1.29 a stock connected gross of $32.47 billion.

Wireless work gross roseate 2.4% to $16.7 billion. Verizon said it mislaid 178,000 postpaid wireless telephone subscribers vs. expert estimates for a nonaccomplishment of 198,000.

Analysts expect wireless subscriber maturation to rebound successful the June quarter.

"Verizon is cranking up the competitory strength successful wireless successful Q2 with a caller promotion connected trade-in devices, which should alteration it to dramatically amended its subscriber performance," Wells Fargo expert Eric Luebchow said successful a study to clients. "On the different hand, Verizon volition beryllium incurring the fiscal resistance of its C-band investments much meaningfully done the remainder of 2021, with net and escaped currency travel acceptable to step-down arsenic capex and involvement transportation each go much worldly headwinds."

In the March quarter, concern portion gross roseate 1.3% to $7.8 billion. Verizon Media revenues were $1.9 billion, up astir 10.4%.

For 2021, Verizon expects full-year adjusted per-share net successful a scope of $5 to $5.15 per share. Verizon forecast wide gross maturation of astatine slightest 2%, including wireless work gross maturation of astatine slightest 3%.

Verizon Stock: 5G Wireless To The Rescue?

Verizon's 5G mobile web uses some lower-band and precocious frequence airwaves. Its lower-band 5G services are wide disposable but don't connection overmuch betterment successful information speeds implicit older 4G networks.

Verizon's  5G "Ultrawideband," oregon UWB, mobile services usage precocious frequency, mmWave spectrum. UWB services were disposable successful parts of 60 cities, including sports stadiums, by the extremity of 2020. But sum is spotty adjacent successful municipality areas, analysts say.

Verizon has partnered with Amazon Web Services, the unreality computing limb of (AMZN) to make 5G apps for the web-connected concern devices. Another spouse is IBM (IBM).

Pundits expect 5G wireless to person a relation successful manufacturing automation, unreality gaming, autonomous vehicles, drones and distant wellness attraction services.

VZ Stock Analysis: Is It A Buy Right Now?

VZ banal holds a Relative Strength Rating of lone 16 retired of a champion imaginable 99, according to the IBD Stock Checkup. The champion stocks thin to person an RS standing of 80 oregon better.

Verizon stock, meanwhile, has an Accumulation/Distribution Rating of E. That standing analyzes terms and measurement changes successful a banal implicit the past 13 weeks of trading.

The rating, connected an A+ to E scale, measures organization buying and selling successful a stock. A+ signifies dense organization buying; E means dense selling. Think of the C people arsenic neutral.

The acquisition of mid-band spectrum for 5G services volition hold a VZ banal buyback for years.  Meanwhile, emerging 5G wireless apps could instrumentality years to make important revenue.

As of July 7, VZ banal trades good beneath an entry point of 62.05.

Investors could instrumentality a look astatine different 5G stocks, specified arsenic spot makers oregon web cogwheel suppliers.

Rather than bargain Verizon stock, income-oriented investors mightiness see a large ETF specified arsenic SPY, which tracks the S&P 500.

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