Ivanka Trump May Flip On Her Dad According To Mary Trump

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Mary Trump suggested that Ivanka Trump doesn’t request her occupation with the Trump Organization, truthful she is little apt to enactment loyal to her father.

According to The Daily Beast:

“She’s overmuch little apt to enactment loyal than Allen Weisselberg,” says Mary Trump, the subordinate of the household who has famously turned connected the clan.


“But Allen had a beauteous cushy gig wherever helium was. And I deliberation benignant of successful the expansive strategy of things, arsenic counterintuitive arsenic this mightiness sound, I deliberation Ivanka has, one, much to suffer and, two, much to bent onto. Her husband’s household is legitimately precise wealthy.”

Ivanka Trump is neck-deep successful the lawsuit of the missing $146 cardinal successful Trump inaugural committee funds. She was already caught perjuring herself erstwhile she testified successful the DC inaugural committee investigation.

All of these investigative threads are coming unneurotic arsenic determination are increasing accusations that the Trump Organization stole from the non-profit statesmanlike inauguration committee.

There are 2 ways to look astatine this. Ivanka Trump is her father’s chosen one. She is intelligibly Donald Trump’s favourite and is successful enactment to instrumentality implicit for him. The different position is that by galore accounts, Ivanka Trump is conscionable similar her father. She shows nary loyalty to anyone, truthful if prosecutors came aft her, 1 could easy spot her selling her dada retired to prevention herself.

Ivanka Trump flipping connected her dada is astir apt a distant possibility, but it could happen, but the failed erstwhile one-term president’s girl does person mounting ineligible problems of her own, and if propulsion came to shove, 1 could easy spot her shoving beloved aged dada disconnected of the cliff and giving up each of the accusation that prosecutors would request for a conviction.

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