Jared Kushner: “I Don’t Give a F*** About the Republican Party”

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Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of erstwhile President Donald Trump and an ex-White House adviser, had an “intense argument” with Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel up of the 2020 election, according to Wall Street Journal newsman Michael Bender’s caller book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost.”

“By 2020, the RNC wasn’t simply an hold of the Trump campaign. (2020 run manager) Brad Parscale had efficaciously turned them into a afloat partner, and Ronna had go 1 of the president’s closest advisers. The RNC was paying for the tract staff. They were covering costs for authorities directors who couldn’t get calls returned from run headquarters. Even the lease for the run office was being paid for by the RNC,” reads an excerpt that outlines however linked the Trump run and RNC were during Brad Parscale’s tenure arsenic Trump’s run manager.

Tensions heightened aft Parscale was replaced by Bill Stepien, a Kushner ally. Stepien didn’t get on with McDaniel, with whom he’d clashed during their enactment connected the Trump run successful 2016.

“One large alteration erstwhile Stepien took implicit arsenic campaign manager was the reelection campaign’s narration with the Republican National Committee. Friction remained from the 2016 contention betwixt Stepien and overmuch of Ronna’s elder enactment team. Ronna was moving the Michigan Republican Party during that race, but Stepien disapproved of her determination to support galore of those aforesaid RNC staffers successful her orbit,” according to the excerpts.

McDaniel was not included successful cardinal strategy meetings and got into an statement with Kushner aft he “considered” taking implicit the RNC’s online fundraising platform, WinRed, due to the fact that helium didn’t spot the RNC’s management.

McDaniel reportedly tried to support WinRed arsenic a “legacy project” for the Republican Party, but Kushner scoffed astatine the idea.

“Jared wasn’t interested,” the excerpt says. “‘I don’t springiness a f— astir the aboriginal of the Republican Party!’ helium told Ronna wrong the edifice gathering room. ‘Good to know,’ Ronna changeable back. ‘I volition beryllium moving for seat for a 2nd term, and I volition marque definite you don’t travel anyplace adjacent this!'”

The caller publication goes connected merchantability connected July 13.

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