Jennifer Lopez says she has 'never been better'

3 months ago 19
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(CNN)We spot you surviving your champion post-break-up life, Jennifer Lopez!

While the paparazzi seizure photos of Lopez and former, and present seemingly connected again, bae Ben Affleck strolling hugged up successful the Hamptons, she's sharing however blessed she is astatine the moment.

"I'm ace happy," she said in an interrogation with Zane Lowe connected Apple Music 1 that aired Monday. "I cognize radical are ever wondering. How are you? What's going on? Are you OK? This is it. I've ne'er been better."

    She added, "I privation my radical who attraction astir maine -- due to the fact that I attraction astir them truthful overmuch -- to cognize that I've truly gotten to a spot successful my beingness wherever I'm large connected my own."

      "And I deliberation erstwhile you get to that spot past astonishing things hap to you that you ne'er ideate successful your beingness happening again. And truthful that is wherever I'm at," she said. "And I emotion each the emotion that's coming my mode close present and each of the, the bully wishes. And I conscionable privation everybody to cognize that it's the champion time. It's the champion clip of my life."

      Some of that emotion appears to beryllium coming from Affleck, with whom she was successful a high-profile narration from 2002 until they ended their engagement successful September 2003.

        Neither Lopez nor Affleck has said connected the grounds that they are backmost together, but galore judge that Bennifer 2.0 has so launched due to the fact that of the affectionate photos circulating that amusement the brace together.

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