Jessica Biel didn't mean to have 'a secret Covid baby'

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(CNN)It's not similar Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake acceptable retired to support their 2nd kid a secret.

The histrion talked astir the gestation with their present 11-month-old lad Phineas during a caller quality connected Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast.

Biel told Shepard she had "a concealed Covid baby."

    "It wasn't similar it was expected to beryllium a secret," she said. "It was conscionable Covid happened and past I went to Montana with my household and ne'er left."

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      Giving commencement during a pandemic meant a batch of uncertainty, she said.

      "The infirmary restrictions had conscionable changed," Biel recalled. "And determination was a infinitesimal determination that determination was cipher allowed astatine each and I was truly getting tense astir that situation."

      Things worked retired and Timberlake was capable to beryllium present, she said.

      The pair, who wed successful 2012, are besides the parents of 6-year-old lad Silas.

        Biel is loving being a household of four.

        "The conversations I'm having present with my six-year-old is truthful cool," she said. "Like, he's a existent idiosyncratic saying the funniest worldly and he's truthful delicate and tender. It's conscionable truthful absorbing to spot that portion of it hap and the small 1 is conscionable cute arsenic hell."

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