Khloé Kardashian Talks About Her and Her Sisters' Different Parenting Styles

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Khloé Kardashian's dishing astir her parenting skills, and possibly it should travel arsenic nary astonishment that she runs a choky ship.

The Good American laminitis joined "Mom Confessions" connected The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and she revealed the biggest quality betwixt her and her sisters' parenting styles.

"I americium truly strict," she confessed. "I person a schedule. I’m precise militant with however I genitor True and I judge that a docket saves everything." As acold arsenic her siblings' parenting styles are concerned, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians prima lone said her benignant is vastly differs from theirs.

"Not each of my siblings are the same," she said. "I volition not archer you which ones."

When asked to crockery a informing she'd connection to idiosyncratic astir to person kids, Kardashian gave a sobering answer.

"The informing is, nary 1 truly knows what they're doing," the world prima explained. "We each conscionable unreal that we do, and I don't attraction however galore kids you have, I deliberation it's exhausting for everyone."

When asked what's thing she learned connected the alert arsenic a parent, Kardashian opened up astir a bathtub incidental with True that would humble anyone.

"The clip True pooped successful the bathtub," Kardashian said arsenic she struggled to incorporate her laughter. "I’ve ne'er truly experienced that before. I didn’t cognize radical conscionable pooped successful the tub. It was disgusting. I don’t privation to relive it. But yeah, I had to larn that connected the fly."

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Kardashian's fans cognize each excessively good astir her impeccable organizational skills. And, arsenic it turns out, it's a trait Kardashian passed down to 3-year-old True, overmuch to her chagrin due to the fact that she says she wishes she hadn't.

"I am incredibly cleanable and organized," Kardashian explained. "I like everything successful its place. I’m precise regimented. I don’t privation that for True but she already has truthful overmuch of that. I feel truthful atrocious she has truthful overmuch of it truthful young but each artifact has to beryllium enactment backmost precisely wherever she got it from. Not from me. That’s what she does."

The confessions travel astir 2 weeks aft Kardashian addressed "unsolicited commentary" she gets astir parenting True. She told Cosmopolitan UK, "People springiness unsolicited commentary nary substance what you do. So I effort and support True worldly arsenic wide and elemental arsenic I tin for her sake. I don’t privation that vigor connected my child. Leave her alone."


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