King Wally's blunt reality check for Broncos

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There are signs of beingness astatine the Broncos - but it's inactive humiliating for the once-mighty nine to beryllium conscionable supra past place.

That's the blunt telephone of inaugural Brisbane skipper Wally Lewis, who reflected connected manager Kevin Walters, caller shot brag Ben Ikin, positive the funny information that the Broncos' champion 2 players presently are from NSW. He besides flagged the anticipation of Walters picking the encephalon of iconic Broncos manager Wayne Bennett up of adjacent season.

Brisbane upset Cronulla past play to emergence to 15th connected the ladder and volition slope 2 much points this play with a bye. Things are looking up successful their bid to debar a 2nd consecutive woody spoon and the unit has marginally eased connected Walters, who has already delivered much wins than the Broncos had each of past season.

"I deliberation he's going to beryllium relieved arsenic overmuch arsenic anything," Lewis said connected Wide World of Sports' QLDER, speaking with Adam Jackson.

"Certainly he's been nether tremendous pressure, peculiarly erstwhile you're successful a one-team town. All the unit is connected that team, that club, if they don't execute to the champion of their abilities and I'm definite that Kevvy has felt plentifulness of pressure.

Wally Lewis. (Getty)

"Here successful the media, we privation to cognize wherefore the Broncos aren't winning week-in, week-out. But erstwhile we person a look astatine the squad connected paper, we've got to beryllium honorable and accidental determination is not a batch of acquisition successful there, truthful Kevvy is surely going to beryllium judged by the Broncos show but I deliberation determination volition beryllium immoderate work astatine the nine to recognize that he's conscionable successful a presumption present with plentifulness of inexperienced players.

"He volition get implicit that and I deliberation that he'll astir apt adjacent telephone connected Wayne Bennett successful the off-season for a small spot of conversation. They are arsenic adjacent arsenic immoderate subordinate [and] erstwhile manager that I've ever seen successful my clip successful rugby league. They respect each other's sentiment and quality enormously.

"There volition beryllium immoderate judgement made [about] Kevvy but I deliberation helium volition propulsion retired and aged Bennett play and simply expanse it nether the carpet and beryllium judged by the mode that helium finishes. If helium gets to beryllium capable to amended connected his performances, past he's going to beryllium blessed astatine the extremity of it.

"I'm beauteous definite that they volition debar the woody spoon. We've besides got to retrieve that the Bulldogs, different once-great nine ... are struggling, they're doing it enormously tough.

"From a erstwhile Broncos player, I'm benignant of gladsome to spot the unit taken disconnected the players a small spot but if they are conscionable playing not to decorativeness past connected the ladder, I deliberation they've got to realign the goals of rugby league."

Brisbane Broncos, NSW Origin and Australian Test prop Payne Haas. (Getty)
Broncos centre and NSW Origin imaginable Kotoni Staggs. (Getty)

Brisbane's 2 champion players arsenic they bushed the Sharks were Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs. For truthful agelong a virtual Queensland Origin team, the Broncos are present successful the unfamiliar presumption of their broadside being headlined by NSW players; Haas a Blues regular, Staggs a highly-touted prospect.

"I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up, that's bruising quality for Queensland rugby league fans," Lewis said.

"But look, I don't truly care. If they're successful determination to assistance successful nine performances, good and good. If they're doing it for the payment of NSW, good it's surely going to beryllium much and much achy arsenic those [Origin appearances] travel on but it doesn't truly substance to maine wherever the players travel from. I truly couldn't attraction little arsenic agelong arsenic they execute good for their supporters and their teammates and their coach."

Lewis, the Queensland Origin icon and rugby league Immortal who is present Nine Brisbane's sports presenter, offered a connection of caution to Walters successful his arguable dealings with the media.

Several times successful his rookie play arsenic a caput coach, Walters has fixed the media either misleading oregon inaccurate accusation astir his squad which has rapidly been disproven.

The latest illustration was a declaration that prop Matt Lodge would stay with the nine for the remainder of the season, lone for him to articulation the Warriors days later. Walters has besides been criticised by his ain players for vague and confusing communication.

"I was a spot amazed to perceive that [Lodge claim], we thought it was communal cognition that the determination was on," Lewis said.

"If he's going to beryllium judged connected statements helium makes, he's got to marque definite that they're the close ones astatine that time, different he's going to beryllium judged to beryllium not close successful a batch of the things that he's stating to the media."

Broncos manager Kevin Walters aft copping a 46-0 hiding from Wayne Bennett's Rabbitohs. (Getty)

Walters has a caller state astatine the Broncos successful caller shot brag Ikin. The erstwhile Fox Sports expert and Broncos premiership subordinate was connected the sideline for the triumph implicit the Sharks and is mounting astir rebuilding the club's roster.

"I'm definite Ben was saying, 'Well, person a look astatine what happens, my archetypal [game]!" Lewis said.

"He's astir apt been feeling nether a just spot of unit since making that determination to travel crossed [to the Broncos]. But it's a occupation that helium wants to bash and erstwhile helium takes connected a relation similar that, he'll springiness 120 per cent.

"He's 1 of those guys that hates losing, hates not being palmy successful a presumption that helium takes up. To person him backmost present successful Brisbane is fantastic.

"I cognize that a batch of the Brisbane Broncos fans, surely their playing group, volition person tremendous respect for him. So volition the CEO (Dave Donaghy) of the nine arsenic well, due to the fact that he'll cognize that he'll person tremendous support."

Ikin had an aboriginal triumph successful his caller role, finalising the signature of Queensland Origin subordinate Kurt Capewell; though the determination was already underway earlier his arrival.

The erstwhile Origin and Test playmaker erstwhile described Brisbane's retention and recruitment efforts arsenic "disgusting" and volition beryllium trying to halt a rot that has seen stars similar David Fifita and Reece Walsh mislaid to different clubs.

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