Litecoin price analysis: uptrend has bulls trying to break $140

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A bullish divergence aft a 13% dip has seen LTC terms inclination higher, with impetus apt to summation if BTC rallies supra $40k

Litecoin terms declined by 13.8% connected 20 July to spot the cryptocurrency commercialized astatine lows of $103 arsenic the crypto marketplace battled downward pressure. This week, the LTC/USD brace has continued connected a bullish inclination with intraweek highs of $140 besides highlighting a captious absorption line.

LTC terms is presently holding supra the bullish trendline astir $137, implicit 6% up connected the time and astir 23% successful the greenish this past 7 days. As tin beryllium seen successful the 4-hour illustration below, the Litecoin terms forecast for the adjacent fewer days could see a beardown breakout supra the $140 level.

The affirmative outlook volition fortify if Bitcoin breaches and sustains an upside supra the $40,000 mark. The benchmark cryptocurrency has tested this terms level successful deals this morning, aft recovering from prices adjacent $36,000 pursuing antagonistic quality from Amazon regarding the e-commerce giant’s deficiency of plans for BTC payments.

According to on-chain information and societal behaviour analytics supplier Santiment, there’s the anticipation of a caller upward determination extending the BTC/USD brace beyond the aforementioned barrier.

📊 How did #Bitcoin retrieve to $40k retired of the blue? 3 of our cardinal starring metrics each skyrocketed! $BTC's societal and trading volumes some deed a 5-week, and code enactment deed a 3-week high. When this trio jumps successful unison, bully things typically happen. 😎

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) July 28, 2021

LTC  terms analysis

LTC/USD 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

The illustration shows bulls are aggressively trying to bargain the caller dip arsenic indicated by the agelong process connected the past candle.

The outlook strengthens the latest uptick successful prices and has seen Litecoin proceed its bounce disconnected the ascending trendline, which has happened 4 times successful the past week.

The resilience follows a bullish divergence for LTC aft a 47.5% summation successful unsocial addresses contempt the terms shedding 13.8%. Litecoin’s 365-day Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio besides suggests a bounce backmost is successful play aft the metric flicked supra levels past seen erstwhile LTC/USD bottomed successful 2019 and 2020.

The 4-hour illustration shows method indicators inactive favour bulls. The RSI remains affirmative supra 60, the MACD is successful the bullish portion and the (primary support) 20 EMA ($131) has its curve rising.

While the terms whitethorn yet interruption lower, bulls are apt to person a wide changeable astatine $140 and past $150, oregon higher, if they support prices supra $130. If LTC/USD turns lower, the adjacent captious enactment level is presently astatine $128 and past the 50 SMA connected the 4-hour illustration ($123).

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