LIVE: Denmark handed major Eriksen final boost

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As if Denmark needed it, the squad got adjacent much encouragement Tuesday to support connected winning astatine the European Championship.

UEFA invited Christian Eriksen to the Euro 2020 final, a lucifer that volition instrumentality spot astir precisely 1 period aft helium collapsed connected the tract aft suffering cardiac apprehension portion playing.

"I anticipation that if helium comes to the last that we are going to beryllium playing it," Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand said. "It would beryllium amazing."

In bid to get that far, Denmark volition person to bushed England connected Wednesday successful the semifinals astatine Wembley Stadium.

Eriksen fell face-first onto the tract during his team's opening lucifer against Finland connected June 12. His teammates formed a protective partition astir him arsenic aesculapian workers resuscitated him with a defibrillator.

Besides Eriksen, UEFA besides invited the medics who helped prevention his beingness to Sunday's final, which volition besides beryllium played astatine England's nationalist shot stadium.

Wembley is simply a stadium Eriksen knows well. He has played astatine the iconic venue galore times earlier with erstwhile nine Tottenham, adjacent utilizing it arsenic a impermanent location portion the London club's caller stadium was being built.

"I've talked to him and I've told him truthful galore times that I deliberation astir him," Hjulmand said. "Even erstwhile we got successful here, I thought that we would play astatine Wembley and astatine his aged stadium.

"So helium is with us. And we inactive play for him, determination is nary uncertainty astir that."

Denmark has reached the semifinals astatine a large shot tourney for the archetypal clip since the squad amazingly won the European Championship rubric successful 1992. Despite losing their opening 2 matches astatine Euro 2020, the Danes bushed Russia to beforehand from the radical signifier and past defeated Wales and the Czech Republic.

"It's precise hard to quantify it," Hjulmand said. "I deliberation we were successful a very, precise bully presumption erstwhile we started the tournament, we were good prepared.

"We mislaid our champion subordinate successful Christian and I don't deliberation it's an vantage to play without Christian," Hjulmand added. "But of people thing happened and particularly the enactment and the compassion we person been fixed from the Danish radical is truly thing that makes america bash arsenic overmuch arsenic we can."

It wasn't conscionable the Danish people. Soccer fans astir the satellite began cheering connected Denmark, astatine slightest until their squad came up against the Danes.

Now the squad has to support playing with the emotion that has spurred them done 2 knockout rounds.

"That enactment and that compassion gives america a lot," Hjulmand said. "That's wherefore I don't person to bash overmuch for the crippled tomorrow, I conscionable person to punctual the guys to propulsion the aforesaid fastener arsenic they did the past matches and spell for it."

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